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Tome of Foes Supplement Displays Monsters Twice in Search Results


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Hi, I noticed a while back (weeks? months?) that my Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes supplement compendium displays monsters twice in search results. This does not happen for the Monster Manual, Volo's, or Tome of Beasts. TOF is the only supplement that doubles in this way. Note: Not  everything  in TOF doubles. Lore, Subraces, and Rolltables all display just once. This issue is only with monsters. Edit: I wasn't sure if this belonged in this forum or in Bug Reports & Technical Issues . This forum's description mentioned bugs related to the compendium, so it seemed more appropriate here. 
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Thanks Ryan, I'm seeing the same behavior over here. I'm going to copy your post over to the thread dedicated to Tome of Foes reports for greater visibility by the devs. I'll close this thread and you can follow the progress there.