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Alternate Radiance Costumes


Edited 1538193334
Bill G.
Sheet Author
Part of what I love about Mike's Radiance piece is its versatility. So we're going to take that, and see how many alternatives we can come up with that use its ingredients. The Classic The standard flying brick, for people who hit hard and bounce bullets. Fold the wings together into a cape No tabard, no tiara, but the bodysuit underneath that is fine Crystal skin effect is optional, but still keep the new face (explaining why we don't have to wear a mask, yet have a secret identity) Hard light holograms are kept close and juiced up, to provide a strong defensive barrier and exert extra strength Advances: Punch everyone (Bull) +1 to a label, change Mask label to Danger or Savior? Lady Low-Key The confident trickster and illusionist. Probably want to differentiate from Charade a bit more, but that's why Summer asks Alycia for help with these things. No wings, no tiara New hairstyle and/or hair color Bodysuit sans tabard, in darker or more muted colors Alternatively, the tabard expands into a robe or hanbok type piece, evoking the light garments of a fantasy magic user Lots of holograms, lots of drones - especially ones that can create convincing duplicates of her Advances: Are You Watching Closely (Delinquent) +1 to a label, change Mask label to Superior Lady of Light A straightforward artificial being with a constant glow. Probably nicknamed "Nightlight" or something by the press. Crystal skin effect remains Inner glow replaces the need for obvious clothing-type costumery Blasting, blinding, and cutting light effects Advances: There When It Matters (Bull) Lambda-10.5 A more mechanistic and hard-hitting combatant, somewhere between Link and Radiance in terms of approach (probably half and half Directly Engage & Unleash Your Powers). Speaks in monotone and the third person, like a good robot. Larger light-emitter modules, hovering close The smaller units are used for ranged or AOE combat Bodysuit remains, face cover rather than tiara Holographic weapons Advances: Coming For You (Transformed) +1 to label, change Mask label to Danger
Alycia's thoughts: The Classic : "Kind of cliche and, to be honest, do we need another overt hero showing off their ostensibly mammalian features? On the other hand, if you're looking to project comfort and safety, the public is already trained by the media for it. Funny story -- after the initial Star Wars  movie came out, fire departments reported a significant problem with children hiding from them, as well as the flames, because with their air masks they looked like the movie villain. The opposite reaction should apply here. And there's a reason why cliches become cliches. 'Robots can be heroes, too,' is a good marketing line." Lady Low-Key : "I do like the sort of confident, don't-mess-with-me air -- you could use some work on that. Helped by you not wearing a mask. [Mutters something to self.]. Actually, it also helps you that everything is either your configurable shell or a holographic projection, so you don't have to worry about 'hey, most of my arms are uncovered so they are more likely to be chopped off." It doesn't exude friendliness, but that could be tweaked to make it lighter, more pop star. Can you sing?" Lady of Light : "Another basic, almost an extension of the super-suit type. Maybe less approachable, less human-looking, especially if you're talking about someone who is clearly an artificial being -- emphasizing the Other. From a media standpoint, someone the cameras will be trained on for obvious reasons. Certainly easier for fans to draw, which might or might not be a good thing." Lambda-10.5 : "You will clearly have the anime fanboiz all a-flutter, which might not be a bad foundation for a following. This one might be considered scary to some, though, especially if you do the monotone-third-person-I-am-robot routine. That might actually work against your cause, associating robots with, y'know, scary death-and-pain machines. [Raised eyebrow.] From a public relations standpoint, I'd think you'd want a strong meta-story to go along with this, something to help people to see the approachable humanity your projected character is striving for." "And, of course, there's nothing to say that you have to be just one of these, on consideration. Indeed, coupled with some holographic projectors or even conference call jiggery-pokery, you could seem like a team of your own except to someone really trying to pursue the matter."