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Saint Cloud MN looking for live players not internet users

Hello, I realize this is strange, but I was told to try this, as there may be other tabletop gamers (or who want to be) in my area. I am trying to find some players for a weekly tabletop rpg group IN PERSON (as in, we physically meet and play a game). I live in Saint Cloud MN, which is where I wanted to host. For games, I have Pathfinder 1e with LOTS of APs to run, Vampire the Masquerade 20th anniversary, D20 Modern, a D20 Modern adaptation of Palladium's old Robotech rpg, and my best friend wants to run a Champions 5th edition superhero game (Hero System). I don't plan on being on this forum much, so you can email me at <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>. I have a Facebook group dedicated to this purpose, it's called Saint Cloud Minnesota Tabletop Roleplaying. I don't have many rules as a GM: I just ask that you show up 75% of the time, that you are actually considerate/play well with others, take something different each time we start up a new campaign, don't bring your religious, right wing, left wing politics, sexuality issues etc to the game, because we just want to goof off and have fun. We also like to watch nerdy movies and tv shows together a lot, sometimes going to the movie theater. We don't care what your skin color, sex, age, even your experience level doesn't matter. It's more what you act like that matters. Are you friendly? Can you cooperate or back each other up in a game at least? That sort of thing.
Gen Kitty
Forum Champion
Will you be using Roll20 for any aspect of your face to face games?&nbsp; Character sheets, dice rolling, maps displayed via projector/big screen tv, anything?&nbsp;
I have a player using my webcam during games with Facebook in order to allow him to telecommute. To be frank, I doubt I need to.
Gen Kitty
Forum Champion
Please be aware that one may only advertise via Roll20 resources for games using Roll20 in some fashion.&nbsp; From the Roll20 Community Code of Conduct : The Roll20 Forums exist to discuss topics directly related to the use of the Roll20 program. Anything that more fittingly could be discussed on another website SHOULD be discussed there. Here are some good places to discuss this topic: /r/LFG