I am a long time fan of White Wolf, and old world of darkness. I would like to run either a Werewolf or Vampire game, depending on interests. I am CST. Due to my job, my available days change from week to week, so I am shooting for a bi-monthly schedule, possibly including play by post elements to fill in between sessions. Most likely will not use mic/cam elements, but maybe in the future? Please PM me directly rather than responding here if you are interested. Please include if you would prefer to play Werewolf or Vampire, and also you preference for tribe/clans for both games. I will do my best to coordinate dates and times for everyone, but the core of it is, I work "non-standard" hours, and am at the whims of my employers. My last attempt at a vamp/Wolf game failed due to people just not showing up and not wanting to communicate. Hence, if you are not a serious player, please do not waste either of our time. My gaming time is limited enough with out help. RP heavy game intended, so serious inquiries only, please. Also, I will be using the 20th anniversary edition of the game that is decided upon. I will take on a few players new to the system, but you must have the necessary books, and make an honest effort to learn and role play your character and not be a burden on the other players and myself.