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LF players for possible Legend of the Five Rings 4th ed. Game -

I am a big fan of the l5r CCG(Well, i used to be lol), and have recently picked up the 4e ruleset. I am interested in running a game now that i have poured over the books. Up front, my work schedule sucks, so my availability changes from week to week, so i am shppting for a bi-monthly type of arrangement. I have read a lot of the rules, but never actually used the 4e ruleset, so i am thinking i may run one of the pregen stories as a one shot, then leading into a steady campaign. I am thinking about a campaign that is set in Yasuki lands, maybe Winter Court at in the crab lands? So, i want to check interest, and see if there are any interested players. I am in the CST, and once I gauge the interest, I will do the best I can to coordinate myself with everyone as best we can. Pm me if you are interested, and let me know you top 3 clans, and your preference on Samurai, Shugenja or other. Not 100% on the time line, so I may or may not alllow the Spider Clan to be represented. Serious players only!!!
I will be available tonight if any one is interested in discussing the game or needs help making a L5r 4e character or has general questions about the game. Just zip me a PM
I just sent you a PM. I'll be online today if you need to talk about stuff regarding L5R.
I'd like to possibly discuss the campaign/character generation stuff for your campaign. I've played/made many 4e characters, but need to know what the character generation rules would be for your campaign/game.
Wanting to play in an hour or two, have one or two spots for Legacy of Disaster Module. PM Me