[LFP][5E][PAID] Waterdeep: Dragon Heist - Saturday 9:00 PM EDT &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; Famed explorer Volothamp Geddarm needs you to complete a simple quest. Thus begins a mad romp through the wards of Waterdeep as you uncover a villainous plot involving some of the city’s most influential figures. &nbsp; A grand urban caper awaits you. Pit your skill and bravado against villains the likes of which you’ve never faced before, and let the dragon hunt begin! &nbsp; This is Dark Galaxies Gaming DUNGEON MISTRESS hosted game! You will be playing D&amp;D with one of our lovely Dungeon Mistresses. Our lovely lady DMs range in skill from beginner DM to deadly expert, but what they all have in common are fun, vivacious, and engaging personality. Take caution! Lovely as they are, they will gladly TPK you as easily as any other DM (albeit, with a giggle and bit of mockery) without thinking twice about it! Under the care of our Dungeon Mistresses, you won’t even feel bad about dying. So come play with us, we are excited to have you! &nbsp; &nbsp; What we bringing to the table: Respect and understanding for all involved in the game. + Every WotC Roll20 module/supplement and a Pro account with all lighting and spell F/X features.&nbsp; + Decades of Dungeon Master experience, a love for storytelling, and an understanding of the players we play with. + Refund for any life-event, weather or technical issues that may arise. No questions asked. + First game no-risk satisfaction guarantee. +Voice Modulation for immersive experience (Certain select game master's only.) Why should you pay to play? 1) Players who are as dedicated and invested in the game as you are. 2) Avoid the difficulty of getting into a game (we’ve all been there on Roll20). 3) Good quality prep and gamemastering. You will be challenged AND have fun! 4) Guaranteed, seamless transfer to ANY of our games. Never let schedule changes get in the way of your gaming again! &nbsp; &nbsp; You Can Apply Here:&nbsp; <a href="https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/130361/waterdeep-dragon-heist-sat" rel="nofollow">https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/130361/waterdeep-dragon-heist-sat</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; This game will require payment to the Game Master at a rate of $15 &nbsp; per session via PayPal. Roll20 is not responsible for any payment transactions and cannot enforce any private arrangements