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Session 10/6 Treasure Tally


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9000gp  12000sp 12 50gp gems 1 500gp gem 4 100gp gems 1 1000gp gem 5 1600gp pieces of jewelry  Cloak of Protection +2 (Ansley) Boots of Traveling (+5 miles a day overland, 10ft vertical jump, 30ft horizontal jump) (Ekuund) Dagger +1, +2 smaller than man sized opponents (Mauve) *don't fumble and poke yourself* Bag of Holding (Mauve) Potion of Animal Control (?) Ring of Waterwalking (?) 1 First lvl spell book (Kay) 1 Second lvl spell book with 7 spells (Ref): Detect chaos, detect invisibility, knock, locate objects, mirror image, phantasmal force, wizard lock. (Extra: Obscurement) 1 Third lvl spell book with 3 spells (Party Treasure): Clear audience, infravision, slow. Spell Scroll of Mass Morph (?) Cleric Staff of Healing ( Shasuzs)  If you see a ? help me out. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Grand Total Gold Pieces: 20,700 Gold Pieces Granted to Each Player: 2,383 Experience Granted to Each Player: 3,930
Kay took the 1 First lvl spell book
Wesley H. said: Kay took the 1 First lvl spell book Thanks, had that mixed up.
Ref took the 2nd level spell book. 
Jay P. said: Ref took the 2nd level spell book.  Gotcha, thank you.