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{LFP} {5E} [Established Campaign Looking For Players]


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Greetings, I am the GM of a DnD 5e campaign set in a futuristic setting, exploring an extensive homebrewed world, delving into long-forgotten crytps to recover ancient technology, and fighting for survival in the domed megacity's against genetically modified monsters and cybernetically enhanced Ganger's are all things that take place within this campaign. Roleplay, character progression, and inter-party dynamics take the forefront when you are not combating an ancient being older than the world its self. The party is currently level 5 and about to start the second chapter of this long-lasting campaign, we are 14 sessions into the start of the campaign and seeking fresh members. The game starts at (19:00/7pm GMT/ 3pm EST) on sundays using voice chat on discord to communicate. New players welcomed. Application - Name and Age : What do you like about RPGs : Character name and Short description: Why do you want to play this character and what about them interests you : Favorite DnD (or other RPG) moment and why :
My DM's application to you; I have been GMing for 3 year's multiple west marches, one-shots, and long-lasting campaigns. I pride myself on character development but never force it, and player inclusion. If you are quiet during a session I will actively call on you, if a player is rude or interrupting you I will condemn them for it, the same rule applies to all players. Now I realize that last sentence may make me sound stern, but at the end of my sessions, my goal is to give everyone a fun, and a good time.
Name and Age : What do you like about RPGs : Hey, sounds like an interesting game. Though i have multiple questions, I will spare them for now, we can talk if you like my app. Character name and Short description:  I would ideally like to know what classes are needed, but since I am willing to play any character/class, I will give you an example of my characters with Dythan (pronounced Day): Born the son of a lesser noble (a baron or the like) Dythan has been disinherited due to the magic in his blood. One day, Dythan went out on a hunt, the beast ended up being an ancient druid, who killed Dythan's companion and nearly killed the young lordling. However, the druid took pity on him, and healed him. The ancient spell needed to heal him, drew on his essence, draining the color from his hair, flesh, and eyes. His pure white hair, milky flesh, and icy blue eyes were signs of his magic taint, and was enough to have his father cast him out forever. (Human (Variant, if allowed), male, Fighter: Eldritch Knight, Noble Why do you want to play this character and what about them interests you : Fighters are often looked at as a basic, "I hit things class," I like them because they can be anything you make them. Dythan here can "tank" as a sword and board fighter, or can "DPS" with two weapons or a two hander. I also see him as a paladin-esque character, without being bound to a god. He is a combative face. He can talk his way out of a fight, or slay anything that isn't smart enough to avoid upsetting him Favorite DnD (or other RPG) moment and why : The only time I was a player, I was playing a halfling Rogue, Lightspark Tenderfoot. My sister was the GM, and I obtained a sentient magical item known as "The Morgana Orb," which enjoyed shocking Sparkie everytime he got, "Silly," or acted like a Kender (if you know Dragonlance Variant races.)
Name and Age : Nick, 19 What do you like about RPGs : I enjoy role playing and experiencing a world that isn't as orthodox as the rest of reality Character name and Short description: Nikolai, a man in pursuit of ultimate knowledge, sets out on a journey in order to accomplish his goals. He relies on the gods of legend to aid him, and his own wits to sustain him. He seeks no redemption for his actions, nor justification. He acts as he wishes, giving consideration to his allies who devote themselves to a greater cause of their own, respecting only those who intend to learn of the past in order to pursue a brighter future. Why do you want to play this character and what about them interests you : I enjoy playing a multiclassed cleric, because I've always had fun playing clerics, and I believe they are very versatile classes. I intend to make him a ranger/cleric whose ranger abilities focus on DPS from afar and cleric abilities focus on team support and healing Favorite DnD (or other RPG) moment and why : I blew up one of my NPC comrades by blowing up a mechanical destruction spider. My friends never let me forget that.

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Application - Name and Age : Jesper Johansen. I am 26         What do you like about RPGs : Whats not to love. Challenging and fun. Character name and Short description: Not sure what classes and such you have in your game, but i would like to play something like an inventor/engineer that focus on creating new ways to save lives. Things like shield technologies and auto stempacks. The thought was that he used to work as a solder or a mercenary. Got tired of seeing innocent people suffer in crossfire or in general. So decides to help people by making them safer even in a crossfire. If this doesnt work in your world, or you wont allow the homebrew for it, then i think i would like to play something like an assassin, that works for an organisation trying to remove corruption from society. That or maybe a cleric of some kind. Probably one focused on healing. Someone who hates doing harm, but stays with the party to help them. But wont harm people unless forced. Why do you want to play this character and what about them interests you : I enjoy the topic of a character that fights for a cause and not just to complete the quest. As such i feel i want this one to be a pacifist. This is something i havent played yet. A character who wont take a life if it can be avoided. Someone who looks for ways to save even his enemies. Nobody deserves to die. Favorite DnD (or other RPG) moment and why : Favorite 5e moment is when a gnome in the party with ridiculously high charisma persuade us that he wasnt hiding clinging to the belly of one of the horses. The party had gotten together again after a longer downtime periode and he just stayed under that horse halfway through the session.  

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To answer the questions regarding party composition; Zealot Barbarian, Vengeance Paladin, Spores Druid, two monks one Way of Open palm, the other Way of Shadow, and a Swords College Bard. Xan's Guide and Volo content accepted. 
Application - Name and Age :  Ramsey, 27 What do you like about RPGs : I really enjoy the RP of characters and the idea that we're in a party together so even with drastically different backgrounds we have to find a way to befriend each other, or at the very least there is a mutual respect to keep one another alive in battle.  I'm trying to find a game where the party can have fun, joke/goof around, but also are into the RP of everything.  I've played with too many people whose characters seem to be indifferent about the members of their party or think it's cool to be a "lone wolf" type, when in reality it just makes things less fun, nobody knows how to work with each other in combat, characters die, and the RP suffers from the constant in/out of new characters. Character name and Short description: Lerros Jenkince- Dark Elf, Warlock/paladin, if you use WotC sunlight disadvantage then I'll he'll be a Half-Drow Elron Cupboard- Aasimar-Protector Paladin/Fighter I like to play these characters very similarly.  A taste for the drink, women, fighting, gambling, and contests, Hubris is strong for sure.  Will do everything they can to keep their friends alive. If a party member betrays the group in some way, then they have no problem being the one to get their hands dirty and eliminate the threat.  I enjoy a character with solid Charisma, if I can charm some NPC's, talk my way past a guard, or persuade a few more gold out of a deal I will certainly try.  Sometimes it works and then sometimes an initiative roll soon follows. Why do you want to play this character and what about them interests you : Having fun, RP, and battle is what D&D is all about imo.  Builds like the above are my way of maximizing the abilities that allow me to play in a way that I can hold my own in a fight, I can try to be a silver tongued devil, and I think it plays to my personality.  In D&D I usually end up not being the "leader" but the person who steers a group to go somewhere if their is a logical choice or if no action is happening.  I'll often be the one to take a vote instead everyone bickering about what to do and waste time.  I really enjoy being able to cast some spells, do some melee damage, and interact with NPC's. Favorite DnD (or other RPG) moment and why : One campaign I was in the DM had about 14 town guards and 2 casters try to arrest the group(town was run by a corrupt governing body), they surrounded the front door and only entrance to the inn we were getting food at.  Our wizard cast grease as they charged toward us, my character cast some fire cantrip to ignite it while they were all standing top of the grease.  The guards and their 2 casters kept slipping/falling so myself and our other front liner started slashing our way from the outside in.  Once the fire died out I misty stepped into the middle of the group, just spamming sword burst and then green-flame blade after dispersing everyone around me.  Our wizard and the rest of the party ran away to hide inside, while myself and the other front line guy took out almost everyone.  2 guys made their way inside and I think our archer took them down.  It was the most comical and epic fight I've been in so far playing D&D.  The enemy kept slipping on the grease while myself and the other player didn't falter once, the DM positioned the guards in such a cluster it made the 2 of us fighting feel like Legolas and Gimli in LotR haha.
We are still taking applications. 
I am still looking XD
Jack W. said: Name and Age : Jack, 20 years old What do you like about RPGs : I love the freedom of it, and the way it encourages creativity and critical thinking when done correctly. I like the idea of a group of people crafting a story together, but I've yet to find a group that's more about that than just fighting, which I think is a shame.  Character name and Short description: I have a particular character I'd like to use, but I'm coming up with new concepts all the time, so I can definitely adapt if there is a need for something different. Her name is Ferris, a human bard. Tall, scrawny, dresses like a jester and wears a grinning mask that covers her face. Either unable or unwilling to speak verbally, she mainly communicates through theatrical gestures and illusions. Sometimes sign language, when there is a need to be precise. She values merriment and joy above all. She seems equally invested in how much money she can get, and has no qualms in taking it from people she decides have enough already. Though she seems to rarely spend the coin she makes on herself.  Why do you want to play this character and what about them interests you : I've been wanting to play a clown-y type of character since I started, I just have never had the opportunity. I have a backstory written for her that paints the picture of a person who has seen injustice and is frustrated by it to the point where she has no choice but to act. In some ways, bringing both joy and justice to others is something I wish I could do more of in my real life, so it's cathartic to play it in a fictional setting.  Favorite DnD (or other RPG) moment and why : I DMed a game for some friends and my sister for a while. I had one player whose character had left the party temporarily, and I gave her the rule that she was not allowed to make suggestions or comments for the rest of the party while her character was not present. I had an NPC who had helped the rest of the party recover a family heirloom, and immediately skedaddled upon escaping from the area where it had been hidden. Then we had a new person join the party, and his backstory involved him searching for a thief whose description exactly matched the NPC that the party had just assisted. I hope you see where this is going.  Anyways, none of the party had any clue that they'd just helped a thief make off with a valuable heirloom that didn't actually belong to him. But the one player who wasn't allowed to say anything knew exactly what I had done and was visibly struggling with the urge to say something. It was so funny to watch. My sister's barbarian also tried to punch through a wall to attack someone on the other side of it and rolled a nat one, breaking her hand. That deserves an honorable mention. I have a mute rogue as well that does sign language at times. It's nice to see others who do the same thing. Might i message you to ask some tips and advice?
Application - Name and Age : Oliver  24 What do you like about RPGs : Tbh this is my first RPG like this i have always been a console player and  when i was told about D & D i realised i would love to try it. It is something new and it is time away from real life and to have fun. I have a good imagination and would like to also talk to other like minded people I am not going to lie i am brand new to this sort of thing and what i lack in experience i make up for in willingness. I am currently going through the player guide trying to make sure i know the basics also i have someone at work whos going to try and show me how everything is done. I have attempted a character sheet and i have attached the link. Character name and Short description: Elijah  Man who woke up with little memory ( Almost none). After waking up not realising who you are. he becomes determined to find answers. His only lead was a note ( Elijah you are  A human born from power will awake with no memory and one year from today the family curse will be activated, and darkness will fall.) Human Fighter ( dual wield )  Strength and weakness He is man of his vows he will keep his promise no matter the cost. However, if someone breaks their vow/ promise he will not take it lightly Why do you want to play this character and what about them interests you : I want to play this character because he is a man with nothing to lose but everything to gain. He is a man of his word however what sort of man can he be. I get to create a character which is new and he can be adapted to what ever his environment. I want to see his development and progression
Name and Age : Michael, 27 What do you like about RPGs : I love creating a character that is part me and part something I will most likely never be and exploring what makes them unique as an individual. The best part of that exploration is how the other player characters and the world created by the DM shape my character, their story isn't fixed by the backstory I start with. The other great part about RPGs, for me at least, is the relationships you build with the other players. Campaigns aren't just about your characters interactions, but your interactions with the other people, and how that shapes you as a person. Character name and Short description:  Jayson Lancaster (Celestial Warlock possibly Divine Soul Sorcerer). Jayson grew up with a loving family, despite the challenges of living in the megacity. From a young age, he had a knack for healing the injured and, more importantly, a love for it. He always found himself caring for his injured siblings and friends and by the time he was a teenager he was known in his neighborhood as the person to see if you were hurt. He became so renowned that his parents and the neighborhood came together pay for him to attend medical school and become a surgeon (can be tweaked for the setting). During one of his breaks when visiting his family back in the neighborhood, he awoke to terrified screams and the sounds of roaring flames. The apartment building was on fire, and despite his best efforts, which left him with severely burned hands, Jayson wasn't able to save his family. The damage to his hands made it impossible for Jayson to become a surgeon, and he found himself alone in the world with no future. This lead to Jayson becoming another lost soul barely surviving on the streets of the megacity, until one night he was stabbed in the fight for scraps in the alley behind a restaurant. As he felt his life force draining away, the pity of an unknown deity (DM's discretion) who recognized his healing gift gave him life. Jayson is now determined to use his gift to aid those in need. Why do you want to play this character and what about them interests you :  Exploring a character who was virtuous and experienced a major fall and is now trying to redeem himself intrigues me. Jayson struggles between the crushing grief of losing everything and the redemption granted to him by some unknown power. He wants to aid those in need, and help improve society, but finds himself unworthy of such a task and can't understand why he was chosen to live over his parents or siblings, or anyone else for that matter.  Favorite DnD (or other RPG) moment and why : My half-orc cleric in Curse of Strahd healing a child who was mortally injured by successfully pleading with his god, Moradin. The entire party saw him as a monster simply because he was half-orc, due to their own backstories created without my knowledge. His backstory was one such that he was disgusted with the orcish part of his blood and was raised by dwarfs, but he couldn't convince the party of this. The plea that they saw him use to Moradin revealed the truth behind his claims and changed their attitude. This is why I love RPGs - we are all friends, and I didn't take their animosity personally because it was true to their characters. This created an incredibly poignant and memorable moment between us.