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[LFG][5e] Casual Player with widely open schedule looking for week to week campaigns.

As the title suggests! Looking to fill up my schedule with more D&D 5e games. Trying to stack on experience so I can get a scope of what certain GM habits are to, hopefully, start my own campaign one day. I'm down to run any module and any home brew granted it's got the love it needs. I'll work within any set of rules and am available during the following days: Mondays: All day Tuesdays: Typically after 4PM EDT Wednesdays: Typically before 7PM EDT Thursdays: Usually all day but due to a current engagement I'll be unavailable before 1PM EDT. Fridays: All day Saturdays: Unavailable! Sundays: Scheduling varies, but usually I'm available most of the day. I usually enjoy voicing characters, and getting really immersed in the experience. I'm familiar with the rules, and haven't completed any modules to completion. If you're in need of someone to fill a party slot whose reliable, I'm there! Feel free to PM me with any questions. When I'm not playing D&D I'm usually crafting character sheets and random fluff items or backstories, so if any DM needs help doing some world building I'd be greatly interested in assisting. 
My party and I will be starting a long term campaign on Thursdays at 7ish Eastern(Weekly). We are all about roleplaying and having a great time. If you are interested please PM me and we can discuss further.

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Salutations! I'm currently running a 5e Storm King's Thunder homebrew campaign on roll20; we play every week at 6 pm PST (sometimes 6:30 pm PST), for 3-4 hours. The party is composed of 1 Bard; 1 Cleric; 1 Monk; 1 Paladin; 1 Warlock. Additionally, the party just reached level 3. I permit all  published  Races and Classes; Unearthed Arcana is conditional. While I am using the SKT module, I use a custom world and routinely modify or change elements of the module. The campaign continent (and setting) is largely inspired by Ancient India, supplemented by elements from Central Asia. I encourage and endorse player autonomy: I design the world but you can (and should) design your PC's hometown/city, alongside their history before the campaign. Here  is a link to the game listing. If you're interested, please apply using the application provided in the Listing Discussion  and  please post your application in the appropriate Listing. If you have any questions, you can use the Inquiries Listing or reach me via Discord: darren#2031. Happy Gaming!