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Pathfinder Template Macros Issue


Edited 1539125303
As a DM I've been working on trying to hide specific rolls, while still making the final results visible to the players (i.e. I roll a 1d20+1 with +3 from other mods (power attack, buffs, etc) the roll would appear just as a 1d20+4. while the damage being 1d4+1+2+3 would appear just as a [10] when a 4 is rolled). It works fine for the first attack, but on a critical confirmation the macro bugs out. I've checked the corect number of brackets I just can't figure out what the issue here is. The problem also appears on iterative attacks. Macro: &{template:pf_attack} {{name=Dagger}} {{attack=[[1d20cs>[[9]]+[[4+?{Charge/Flank|Neither,0|Charge,2|Flanking,2|Both,4}+?{To-Hit Modifier?|0}]]]]}} {{damage=[[[[1d4+1+?{Damage Modifier?|0}]]]]}} {{crit_confirm=[[1d20+[[4+?{Charge/Flank}+?{To-Hit Modifier?}]]]]}} {{crit_damage=[[[[1d4+1+?{Damage Modifier?}]]]]}} {{type=P}} Result:
Scott C.
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Try putting spaces between your ending inline roll brackets, this can sometimes cause issues: &{template:pf_attack} {{name=Dagger}} {{attack=[[1d20cs>[[9]]+[[4+?{Charge/Flank|Neither,0|Charge,2|Flanking,2|Both,4}+?{To-Hit Modifier?|0}]] ]]}} {{damage=[[[[1d4+1+?{Damage Modifier?|0}]] ]]}} {{crit_confirm=[[1d20+[[4+?{Charge/Flank}+?{To-Hit Modifier?}]] ]]}} {{crit_damage=[[[[1d4+1+?{Damage Modifier?}]] ]]}} {{type=P}}
Thanks Scott! Worked like a charm!