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Request/ Question: @Gabriel Pickard or any other talented creators


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Hi there! I have noticed that none of the map/ asset packs on roll 20 feature semi-real or even fantastical examples of classical Middle-Eastern or Indian architecture, both from outdoor and internal perspectives. I am looking for pieces with minarets, domed, structures, and the general aesthetic of things like the Taj Mahal or the Hagia Sophia and have found nothing. Is there any chance one of you fantastic creators can rustle something up? Gabriel Pickard is a wizard and has (imo) one of the most solid styles here. If you see this, is there any chance you can do some map builder packs with that type of art style? I am also specifically looking for domed towers (among other things, I have a half-submerged city i need to create for a game), and the generic desert stuff does not typically do it for me. I would imagine others could enjoy the expansion of available architecture, as well.
Gabriel P.
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Howdy.  I'll eventual produce more sets inspired by 1001 Nights and other classic Middle-Eastern folk tales, but it will probably be some time before I get to it.  My first entries into the setting are available , but not suitable to the fancier parts of town you mention. They feature mudbrick and flat roof construction common to the area.  What sort of sets within the theme would be most useful to you: full construction sets, modular cities, single large multi-story structures, or something else?
personal i would always vote for the constructions sets. a bit more work but with these you can create exactly what you want/need. and i agree, there is a lack of noble buildings, like palaces, bordels, mansions etc 

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For me, Construction Sets + Modular Sets are sort of where my focus is. I think I have like 75 of your sets at this point, if not more. I grabbed a few of the Quick Encounters, but they don't seem to snap into anything else, so unless I want to run a small map of 30x30, I can't really fit them into another. Like the Underground Encounters QE set has this really awesome labyrinth section. It looks so cool, but I couldn't find a tile to get it to snap in with the other Save vs Cave stuff. So by and large, I do most of my building with the Modular Series and then I use the Construction Sets to make edits to the modular layout. The way that Save vs Cave fits together is hands down the single greatest thing for me as a DM who likes to construct the maps. Just this past Friday I build a map out of merging the Monster's Lair cave set with the Acid Set and the Necropolis set. It all came together to make a lair of Venom Trolls just outside of an ancient necropolis for the players to explore. It was fantastic. Oh, one more thing: any chance there will be a modular styled Shadow Theme? I'd love to be able to build the Shadow Plane for my players. :D
I'd be really interested if Gabriel makes an arabian nights builder set. Hopefully it'll be like his white marble mapper with all those extra wall pieces. I've used the wall pieces to make so many different buildings because I can build the walls and slap down a different texture for the floor to make them look more varied.