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Creating a Custom Compendium

There is an OGL game called For Gold & Glory which is a clone of 2nd Edition AD&D. Since there is no compendium available for AD&D and probably no chance they will ever open that up for us grognards, I am looking into developing FG&G for Roll20 so we can simulate the 2e experience with the bells and whistles that a compendium allows. Is this within Roll20's rules and current functions? How do I go about it and how intense is the work behind a compendium? (no coding experience here, only very light HTML but I have coder friends and this might be a group exercise.)
Sheet Author
API Scripter
If you want to make a publicly available compendium for you and other FG&amp;G players, you should contact roll20 via their email (team@roll20net). They have stated they want to support other games with compendiums. However, FG&amp;G will probably need some sort of sharing license, like the OGL.&nbsp; See more here:&nbsp;<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>