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Darkness Sphere on Map

Okay, I have a map with advanced fog of war and dynamic lighting. On it, there is a feature that is surrounded by a 15' sphere of magical darkness. Inside the darkness is a creature that can see through it. So, what I'd like to be able to do is to have my players see the sphere of darkness on the map, and be unable to see what's on the map in that sphere, but I also need to be able to see out of that sphere of darkness with the creature when I click on it. Any ideas of how to do that? Thanks in advance!

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You can create a dynamic lighting circle (although its not advised as the splines have trouble and can sometimes not work as intended), whilst its on the DL layer it will block all sight into the circle, whilst inside they wont be able to see out of the circle, but you can add a light source token that has "everybody sees light" ticked and place it outside, this will allow players to see out.  Alternatively there is a one-way lighting API that should be able to do the same, but is a little tricky to set up.
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Vegemite Dangerous has a good solution. I'll second the recommendation that instead of a circle, just quickly click out a 10-12 sided polygon. Circles give mathematical errors with line of sight, (an infinite number of angles, or somesuch). There is an API script out there which will convert circles to polygons automatically, but unless this will be a regular feature of your game, it's probably quicker to do it manually.
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I've got an API script that will convert circles on the Dynamic Lighting layer into many sided polygonal approximations for you:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> That said, I'd take another approach.&nbsp; If the creature is the center of the darkness, I would just create a Rollable Table Token with one face as a large black disk.&nbsp; It will look like darkness to the players, but you can use its sight to see about. If the creature is simply inside the darkness, I'd create the darkness as a big black disk and put the creature on the GM Layer (and use Bump to have access to it on the token layer) If you need to see what is behind the darkness, you could either use a partially transparent disk, or you could screenshot the part of the map under the darkness and paste it on the GM layer so that it is transparent.
Thank you all for the brilliant ideas!