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[Roll20] Need Help - Calling an Ability Macro from a Menu Generated by an Ability Macro?

So I generated a Menu on a character to change their lycanthropy in a homebrewed method.  It's setup on the Attribute & Abilities tab of their sheet, and is called via a token button.  But I can't get the Macros, also in the Attributes & Abilities tab, to fire from the menu: &{template:5e-shaped}{{title=Lycanthropy Menu}}{{character_name=@{Volodar Ichor|character_name}}} @{Volodar Ichor|show_character_name} {{ [[@{Volodar Ichor|wolf_meter}]] of [[@{Volodar Ichor|wolf_meter|max}]] = **Current Meter **             at maximum or more = **Werewolf**             at zero or less = **Elf**}}{{1st= **Pit your Intelligence against the Beast within** [Make a Check](!%{-LLfhDygNBOhB3qGcPnR|WolfElfChangeCheck})}}{{2nd=**Modify Form if the stress or calm takes you** [TowardWolf](!%{-LLfhDygNBOhB3qGcPnR|TowardWerewolf}) [Toward Elf](!%{-LLfhDygNBOhB3qGcPnR|TowardElf})}}{{3rd=**Succumb to Change** [To Wolf](!%{-LLfhDygNBOhB3qGcPnR|LycanthropyChg2Wolf}) [To Elf](!%{-LLfhDygNBOhB3qGcPnR|LycanthropyChg2Elf})}}{{Revert=**Take your true form** [Unconscious](!%{Volodar Ichor|KnockedOut})}} Generates this: No ability was found for %{-LLfhDygNBOhB3qGcPnR|WolfElfChangeCheck} or does nothing at all (but does not generate an infinite loop OR shutdown the API)... I'm trying to use a !% method I've seen in reference to calling global macros (!#), but truth be told i have no idea how to get this to work.  Individually, all functions of the menu work.  But I just can't get them to fire from the menu I created.

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So, here is a macro I use for my character Krogoth, which gives me a chat menu to call other macros from, for his at will powers. /w aranador &{template:default} {{name=At Will Powers}}  {{MBA=[MBA](~Krogoth|Melee-Basic-Attack) [Charge](~Krogoth|Melee-Basic-Charge)}} {{RBA=[RBA](~Krogoth|Ranged-Basic-Attack)}} {{Pressing Strike=[Pressing](~Krogoth|Pressing-Strike) [Rage](~Krogoth|Pressing-Strike-Ragemod)}} {{Whirling Rend=[Whirl](~Krogoth|Whirling-Rend) [Rage](~Krogoth|Whirling-Rend-Ragemod)}} If you just paste this macro into your game's chat, change my name to yours, it should run for you so you can see what it does, although obviously you would have neither krogoth, nor his powers set up in your game, so the chat button menus would not actually be able to execute those macros.
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As Aranador indicates, you need to use the ~ syntax for calling abilities from buttons.  [LABEL](~CHARACTER_ID|ABILITY_NAME) Like this: [Make a Check](~ -LLfhDygNBOhB3qGcPnR|WolfElfChangeCheck)
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If the ability containing the button, and the ability it calls are both on the same sheet, you can make it even simpler: [Label](~ABILITY_NAME) I use this syntax all the time.
I've done that many times over, and for some reason it keeps saying to me that there is no ability by that name.  Let me see if I can put images together.
Aaaaaaaaand the sheet just made a liar out of me ... now the menu works.  Wth.  :-/
Somewhere = Syntax Error I guess
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It occurred to me that I forgot to recommend one of my favorite Stupid Tricks. Chat Menus . Don't leave Waterdeep without them.
keithcurtis said: It occurred to me that I forgot to recommend one of my favorite Stupid Tricks. Chat Menus . Don't leave Waterdeep without them. Keith - its because of that that I have them as a primary resource.  From them popping their own backup character sheets, Rolling ability scores, leveling (HD), getting trinkets, and getting in Initiative and ending their turns, it's completely automated via global chat menus.  All I have to tell new players is "Look for PC-Menu" among your Macros List.  Put a checkmark under "In Bar".  Everything else is self explanatory.  So absolutely yes - I have not only incorporated this trick, I've made it a central function of the game!  lol