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Query only GM answers.

Hi there. I couldn't find any help with this through the forums, and I'm relatively inexperienced with the macro programming language, so I apologize for my lack of knowledge. My campaign has a spell that only works on the big bad's, if they aren't nearby the spell does nothing.  So I'm sneaking in a macro at some point in the campaign as a token action for the players that's called "unknown power".  When they click it, it activates another macro with a query that asks whether that specific enemy is in the room. I have that query working exactly the way I want, except for one thing.  I want me as the GM to be the only one who gets the query, the players don't even know about it, however once I pick the answer I want the results public.  I know how to make the entire query including the results private, but I just want the query itself private.  Is that possible? Thanks in advance.
Multiple macros are needed. 1) Player token action - Send message to player confirming button was pressed.  Query whispered to GM - Is target nearby? Yes/no NO - GM gets confirmation that (s)he/it chose 'no'. YES - Run Macro 2 2) GM only message sent confirming 'yes' selection. Query whispered to GM - What result? [dropdown menu] Public results posted into chat depending on GM choice. Not 100% sure this will work, but should be fairly simple.

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The Aaron
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Actions that a player takes are resolved for that player, the best you can do with macros is send the results to the GM.  The best you could do with the macro is to whisper gm something like "/w gm Unknown Power was pressed".  You could have the player macro whisper a button that includes the gm macro call, something like: /w gm [Special Power](!
#gm-only-query) The if the player pushes the button, nothing will happen, and when you push it, only you will see what it does (provided all output from it is whispered to the gm). Anything more automated than that would require the API.
Thanks for the help, I was just over thinking it.  I just made a "Yes the demon is nearby" macro and a "no he isn't nearby" macro, and when the player clicks their spell it'll show up in chat that they're attempting to use it and I can just pick the proper Macro. Thanks for all your help though!
The simplest solution is usually the best! -The Aaron, I'd forgotten about those buttons, good idea!
The Aaron
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No problem! Phnord: Great, right?  You know, those came out of a suggestion I made in the suggestions forum. ;)