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Red loading Box

I'm getting the Red box loading up each time I get into the game. The box telling me any work I do now may not be saved. The load takes 5 plus min to load with me just in the game. When I get players in the game the lag seems to get worse. Running the module "Rise of Tiamat" which the maps there are pretty big over 88x70 squares estimating. I'm using google chrome and I clear my cache before each game. I've also created more then a few NPC'S that I recently transferred over to another game for safe keeping, so the attributes shouldn't be a issue. I have a lot of handouts, and some spell tokens that I've made that are still present in the game. I also have the module "Dead in Thay" as a add on in the game in which I deleted some of those maps. I'm not sure if that bogs down some. I'm also using a desktop computer and hardwired into the wall instead of wifi. I only have a few add/on's in chrome. I'm running out of options at this point. 
Roll20 is well known for its excessive lag. Recently a post was made pointing out that despite an official statement regarding maps, they do in fact lag the system rather drastically. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> In my experience, just about anything can increase lag, but these are the top culprits: Very large maps (over the default 25x25 or so). A map made in Roll20 using multiple assets, for example a grass tile, a farm house tile, multiple bushes/trees/animals, etc all on the map layer. They specifically tell you not to make maps this way, because of lag. On the other hand, they built the system to be used this way. Multiple maps (pages) regardless of composition. Multiple character sheets / journal entries. In particular, having many sheets with many attributes and abilities, will cause substantial lag. Even if they're not being used, the load time will increase. Maps or other pages with numerous tokens / items on them, as in the first example. Large chat history; if you don't clear the archive occasionally (delete everything said in the past) the chat window will start to lag and glitch. In other words, yes, using Roll20 is inherently laggy. They know. They're working on it. So they say. -Phnord
Another possibility, I forgot to mention because it's so obvious: Dynamic Lighting uses a LOT of processor power, and will lag the game to the point of unplayability for me. If you have Dynamic Lighting and Advanced Fog of War active, turn them off for a dramatic improvement in function.
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Dynamic lighting is not too bad, especially if you turn sight OFF on any NPCs that don't need it (all of them, for my taste). Advanced Fog of War can be a big drain. You could also give Firefox Quantum a try. Some people (again, like myself), report a very noticeable gain in performance. Turning off autofill, helps a great deal when editing character sheets, depending on your setup. You could also try some of these tips:&nbsp; Optimizing Roll20's Performance .