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[LFP][5E] Long term campaign - need 1 or 2 players to commit to Thursday night around 7ET

DM for this campaign is experienced and cool. The campaign will be some mixture of official adventures like straud or something similar. Will be going from 1 all the way to max. We are into actually roleplaying our characters and here to have a fun time. Metagaming isn't frowned upon but we are not into making godlike characters that take advantage of all the mechanics and rules. If you are looking for a group of people that are passionate about DnD and will make the characters come to life, then you should join us. Explicit language and content should be expected since we are all adults. If you are interested just PM me with a little about yourself and then we can voice chat with discord. Looking forward to an amazing adventure with the newcomers! Oh by the way, alot of experience isn't necessary. Just be willing to learn. Thank you for your time.
Hey! This sounds good to me, I'm relatively new but have some experience. I'm currently in two campaigns, and looking for more! I'm also an adult so explicit content doesn't bother me. Could you tell me more about this? I mean if slots are still free.
Have a few DMs already. Please make sure to DM me quickly if you are interested in this party! Will be screening players soon.