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Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4th Edition The Dark Eye

I'm interested in alternatives to 5E.  Any groups wanting to play Warhammer Fantasy or The Dark Eye?
If you find a group or make a group I would be keen to join
id be happy to play warhammer
I'd conceivably be interested in either. Don't have WFRP 4th yet (1st and 2nd) but have TDE 5th and would love to try it out.

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I ordered copies of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay and The Dark Eye. As soon as I get a feel for the games, I'll be starting groups. I'll have to see what's available for character sheets.  Given their grim, dark, and deadly nature, they should be roleplay heavy.  You can only draw weapons so many times before you're hospitalized in this style of game.
Id love to play.
I might be interested in playing some Warhammer.
Would enjoy playing in warhammer
Depending on day I would like to play either.
Ive been trying to find a warhammer game as well. Ive never played but im really interested.
4th Edition games likely to be afternoons on Saturdays pacific time.  Waiting on my hardback book from Game Nerds.