The Issue: As a GM I often use multiple tokens to control combat often times only using them a few times before needing different ones for a different encounter or adventure. Because of this setting up a character sheet like set up for each enemy isn't a very good option and what works best is often just to paste a stat block into the information section of the basic options tab to reference while running the game. The issue is that every time I need to look at a monster or creature to reference it's attacks or defenses or skills I have to double click the model (not difficult at all), scroll down to the bio (annoying and starting to get annoying), and then scroll up and down the small text window for the information. This makes referencing the multiple stat blocks I'll manage in an encounter into repeating this task 2-4 times per round. My suggestion: What I would suggest is a few changes to the way token/object stats are displayed when double clicking a model (As most characters have their model and actual information tied to a character profile, I believe it is mostly monsters and other moveable npcs/objects that the token information is used for) and rearranging the information displayed. I would first suggest that the text window be made larger to better accommodate larger stat blocks, this would make looking at the entire model's stats much easier to navigate especially for particularly rules intensive creatures (such as dragons or demons with lots of supernatural abilities listed) Secondly, I would suggest moving the stats listed above the text window (the three bars, name, controlling plater, aura, etc) be either moved below the text window (so the text is the first thing visible) or be moved to a 2nd tab (either along with the advanced tab or it's own separate tab), as barring specific points in the game, manipulating that information is either done via the "bubbles" (The three that appear when clicking the model) or only done during specific points (such as a spell with an aura around the caster which might occur once a session if not less). A change like this while not experience changing, would be incredibly convenient to me and I might presume other GMs who wish to build varied and mixed encounters with more than a few stat blocks or set up their dungeons/derelict ships/hiveblocks/etc ahead of time, and would reduce a lot of the multi step repetitive motions we have to go through just to look at a monster's stats during combat.