The party woke up in a woods with all of our valuables we normally carry with us gone.  We all had glittery dust on us.  We found we were just East of the Last Outpost of Sparn, and that about 8 months or so had passed!  To the best of our recollection we left the bar to party with some people, and we assume we went to a pixie party.  In the meantime the zone of whispers is farther out from the tower and the rancher we had been staying at has been ruined by his cattle eating each other.  We decided to go back to the tower and up the central stairs.  Our livestock had been sold to pay for their upkeep and since we were unsure of places to leave them we decided to walk this time.  Party members were: Mauve (Halfling thief), Shasuzs Silvertongue (human cleric), Ekund Doren (Dwarf fighter), Enna (Elf MU), Ref (Elf MU), Ansley (Human MU), Yuthug (Human Cleric), and Kaybeck (Human MU).  Mauve's retainer Besharg (Human Fighter) also accompanied us.    The whispering sound indeed started much farther out then previously.  On the way we explained dangers and groups hand signs to the new members.   In the tower we quickly went to the central stairs and went up to first entry off the staircase (about 60' up?) to the NW. There was a hallway leading to a door, when we opened it we were immediately attacked by a Hellhound (4HD****!) which was caught in a web spell and killed by Yuthug.  It had a collar studded with rubies (10 worth 50gp each).  The room was hexagonal with a statue of a jester holding a finger in front of his mouth and pointing at the door to the right. This door lead to a small room with 3 more doors and we decided to go the other way.  There was a sound "treasure" from the jester staute, but after some debate we continued through the left hand door (to the south).  There was a short corridor with stairs leading to a T junction.   To the East was a room with a silver summoning portal and a door to the south.  Through the door a was a room nearly filled by a deep pool.  We closed the door and went to other way at the T.  The passage went South up some stairs and turned SE continuing up stairs.  There was a odd alcove with another summoning disk and stairs leading up to a door.  Going through this opened to a room with a small tower surrounded by water.  We the a grappling hook to the top of the tower crenulations and made are way to the tower top.  The tower top had a trap door which we opened.  Inside was a wizard's laboratory with a wizard (5th level).  He cast a slow spell which affected most of the party.  Ansley, Ekund jumped down and managed to kill the wizard who had also cast a spell covering the room with fog.   While waiting for the slow spell to wear off, the unslowed party members found a trap door in the floor.  This lead to a living quarters.  There was another trap door in the floor.  Yuthug went through this door and was killed by something.   After the slow spell wore off, the remaining party members went down and confronted and killed 4 giant flies (2hd*) in a treasure storage room.  After investigating this treasure and the wizard's laboratory, we found a great deal of treasure including the magic items noted, several jewels, some gold and more silver pieces than we could carry.  We decided to go back to town and managed to do so without incident.  We did not check on a place to keep mounts or if there was a nearby cove that could be used, so we will once again need to walk to reach the tower.