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Need help with a macro

its a simple macro for determining starting gold if have this so far &{template:npcaction} {{rname=Barbarian}} {{name=Starting Gold}} {{description=......but having trouble telling it to roll and post it in the description. any help would be appreciated.
Scott C.
Forum Champion
Sheet Author
API Scripter
Compendium Curator
you need to use inline rolls : {{description=[[xdy]]}}
f@#$ i new it was something simple and that i was over complicating it.. thanx a ton.
i have read that link but doesnt say how to do 2d4x10...or is that not possible dont see any other examples of multiplication in macros
never mind completly spaced * represents multiplication not x.....i am special today.
&{template:npcaction} {{rname=Barbarian}} {{name=Starting Gold}} {{description=[[2d4*10]]}} ....................if anyone else is interested. I have a room built so my players can go in and build characters at their leisure and am building macros to streamline the process.