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[LFP][5e] World of Ashan


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Welcome to the world of Ashan! A custom world with a unique history, forgotten technology, and ancient powers. The story started as a great empire was slowly swallowed by a darkness that they could not fight. Just to find a new land inhabited by a people they could never understand that ignited the fires of war. A group of adventurers found this world as a new home. Stories were written of heroes and villains tell the time the world would darken. Now its time for a new story to be told. 1000 years before the Empire ruled the lands. Seven kingdoms warred for wealth, land and ancient technology. A new group of adventures must arise, choose a side and find there place in this new world. Will you be one of them? What we are looking for. We are looking for RolePlayers looking for a sandbox like Homebrew Campaign.  Player choice will mold the world around them.  But as the players explore a dungeon other groups good and bad will move in there own direction.    RolePlay 80%,  Combat 15% and Tactics movement 5%  Discord Required Discord Channel for communication / news / and resource sharing Game time Sunday 5pm PST  (Game runs for 3 hours more or less) Please post applications at the link below! Ashan Forum & Applications (really bad at making the ad's,  dont hate me) ~cries~
Would love to apply but the link leads nowhere

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Strange,  works for me...    Okay tried a new way of linking it...?  Hopefully it works  (still works for me though so not sure how to test it)
Marketplace Creator
Started to do interviews for the "pre game game game..."   meet up.   Would love to get a few more apps as some people already accepted other games after placing a app   ~laughs~  So if you post a app it will be either today or tomorrow before I get back to you! In other words.   Still looking!