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Since last session ... ... ADAM resets stuff. People believed stuff about Adam ... but there were no other real differences that we need to worry about. ...  Lucius has excused himself with Charlotte. And so it begins ... HARRY : As things are wrapping up ... what's going through Harry's head (only a few hours after facing off aginst the press at the end of Issue 55)?  Or ... text message? ALYCIA & SUMMER Well, that wasn't terribly productive. I thought it was very productive. Fought an arm, figured out Adam, Lucius pontificated Adam told us -- the fact he came clean on a difficult subject Yeah. Whoosh. Understand, but, wow, tired of messing with my head Me, too. Yeah, you really came out about that worrying.  Needed him to come clean on it, and wouldn't attack him about it,  You really got a reaction out of Adam. Very leaderly.. Well, so did you.  Well, I poke people. ARMIGER "Hey, Lucius, what's with all the cops in the back, Jaycee won't tell me ... oh, sorry, looking for  Hey Harry. Hi, people - I'm Armiger. S - You were one of the people who was training with us. With Leo.. A - Yeah, trained with Harry. H - (on the phone) Hey. Hi. Ar does't go to Gardner. Knows him through A10, who thinks Harry's cool. Though Telekinetian doesn't dig him: Harry's a big shot, maybe slumming a bit with the Irregulators and stealing their thunder. Chit-Chat H - goes back to phone. Sounds of police radios and voices in the alley. S - statement to the police? H - oh, yeah. Al - you're on a roll. S - volunteers. H - no, I can do it. (goes around the front of the building) S - we should go back up Harry. Al - need to put on my mask. S reluctant to drop the holograph wall. Al - that would make it an investigation scene. The people in front play it cool. S gives Al a holographic butterfly thing to obscure her visage ... then Al swaps into her jacket and mask.  H is having a matter-of-fact conversation with cops ... arm thing attacked, we counter-attacked. Destroyed or driven off. Driven off. Went into hiding? Is this hypertech? magic? extra=dimensional? temporal? Al prompts with extra-dimensional. Contact for additional information? Harry.  Are these your accomplic -- friends?  H - Yes, Radiance and Charade. Where's Link and Concord and the ghost chick? H - Off doing other things. Are you guys partners, like the yin yang thing? Yes. No. Al - We are stalwart defenders of the city. We are glad we could help.  Huh, no collateral building damage ... Armiger Armiger heads upstairs. He can hear Lucius talking wit Charlotte.  L Ah, William. Glad you made it back. Apologize for not contacting sooner. Just found out Charlotte's back. (greetings) Been discussing current project -- mending these "wounds in the world". Thought might volunteer you to assist her more frequently, as she investigates in in depth. Sure - would interfere with Irregulator things, but Grail Knight matters take precedent. Charming. What about right now? Well, that's quick. Tomorrow would be fine, sir. Not entire sure what the next thing will be. L - Clear understanding of what's needed. If a certain individual becomes immediately and directly invovled, let us know. Not the first time we've crossed paths with Dr I, but we don;t do it lightly. (Oh, boy. Squire Missions. Got it.) With that, introductions made, advice given, going to take every pain med in my cabinet and order up some tea and go talk with the police. I'm going to request the dignity of anyone witness me as I do an accurate impression fo an old man who shouldn't be up to these shenanigans. C - You can trust in our discretion. Lucius is Armiger's direct contact, but others in the org can task him with stuff (or task him through Lucius). He's a rookie. C appreciates Ar's help, even if he was ordered to do it. Out in front, there's Jaycee. William definitely stops by to make sure things are actually okay. (C makes her way outside.) Ar and JC chat about Lucius.  JC One of the order is outside. Not Skinner? No, I would have said. Not sure why. Being subtle. Be careful of the Menagerie -- they attract a lot of media attention. Be carefulLER. [Assess! 11!] There are people in focus, and those who are not. Oddly, Charlotte is one of them. The other Menagerie members are, too. Differnet from Knights. Though Alycia reminds him a bit of them. Plus a guy down the street. Aware back, someone powerful. "Could have asked for a coffee." "Don't use stimulants. And Lucius wasn't there." "Nice place. Great people." "Yes, charming. You've been issued orders." "What are yours? I don't think we've been introduced yet. Squire William Ensign. Everyone calls me Armiger" Extends hand.  "Jorren Koenig." Perfunctory hand grip. "Your orders are to ... here." Hands a sealed letter. Lots of suerpnatural upheaval in this area, centered on one Charlotte Palmer; asked to a close watch and report back any activity indicating what she's up to and the potential risk and how to neutralize her if necessary. Signed by the Inner Circle. [Pierce the Mask - 5!] "Do you need help with the big words? Or the cursive?" "We've heard a lot about you. It seems your going into some difficulties and danger. Suggest, squire, you do try to work on having your sword at the ready and be prepared to use it. Don't trouble yourself with the thinking -- there are better mindsfor that." [shift -Superior, +Danger] [Reject: 5!] ((Lucius said, tis not a kingly thing to start a fight.)) "Continued insulting blathering." --> Angry.  I'll be off. One of your friends is on their way. -- strolls off. Charlotte comes up. "Friend of yours?" One of the knights. They want me to spy on you. I'm confused - Lucius said to help me, but was that a trick? No, Lucius isn't the Knights. They are ... worried, a bit scared. They want me to report on you and what you're doing. And that was one of the knights? Yeah, we just met. You don't seem happy about that. Sometimes with traditions, you have to know what to keep and what to break. I really understand that. We'll have many notes to compare, I think. (Harry and Charlotte has Influence over Armiger) Harry Someone's been texting Harry. A lot. Family members. Andi. Waters. Family were pretty happy with his performance.  Andi ... concerned about media bashing. We should talk and have it not be texts. Tonight? Sure. Group chat. With speedsters. Who don't seem to mind he's not participating. About Harry. City politics. One of grandmas recipes. Chase and Dad sniping.  And some texts from Andi. And another one. "When and where?" Summer and Alycia see this expression (now that cops have left): anguish A - What's up, Harry? H - I have decisions to make. S - Anything we can do to help? H - I don't think so.  S - If you discover otherwise, you can come to us. Responds: Tonight. The glade. A lot on Harry's mind. Alycia & Summer So ... we have to rebuild the wall? Well, I guess it's our responsibility, based on what was said. We could call Jason. Do you want to call Jason. Yyyyeah, I should.  ... We could use some of your official help. We're indirectly responsible for a wall of acoffee shop. Sure. Process. Paperwork. Esclation process Are yiou telling me I need to fill out a form? Jason? How urgent, today or next Tuesday? Summer is keeping burglars out by using her drone and draining her own power. Not sure how long she can last. [Provoke! 7!] [ping the location] If Summer okay? Are you both okay? She's holding up. Bravely. ... and ... Construction trucks roll in. Qbots come rattling in. Mobile infirmary rolls up.  Alycia takes a picture of Jason in a Quill-branded hard hat. Made of nanobots. You're looking okay. She's being very brave. You're brave Summer. [The penny drops] J I didn't hear about this. What happened? S Alycia throws a great grenade. J At what? A A Sepiaverse skeleton inside of a giant arm made up of many arm-like eel creatures? Don't you miss this? J Did this get weird after I left? A I don't have a basis for comparison. S I think you're doing a great job just where you are. I feel much more at ease. Armiger JC closes ... sees William across the street, crosses. He catches her up  What did he say his name was? Joren Konig Not Sir Joren Konig?  Nooooooo.  Have you never known even Skinner not to introduce by rank? I mean, if he's bringing something from the Circle ... is he even a Knight? Perhaps of the order, but ... he's your age? Doesn't seem like the kind of guy who wouldn't include a Sir in his name? [final point of situation ... biggest threat was a squire messenger acting like a dick / hazed] ["When Harry met Draco"] Will is angry. Jaycee is even angrier. NEXT TIME The Twilight Grove of ... DESPAIR Wrap-up Alycia - Closer [Summer ... banter!]  Summer - Closer [Alycia ... being grumpy partner]  Harry - Closer [Alycia ... reached out] William - Closer to own image
Bill G.
Sheet Author
The new job and other stuff obviously comes first, but if Alycia still intended to talk with Summer about recent events, I'm around all week.
Ah. Right. We touched on it a bit in-game, but ... yeah. Let me kick something off. (New job starts Monday. In theory. Coordinating background checks and drug tests appears to be a challenge to all concerned.)