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Looking for Player for 5e DND. Saturday 7pm MDT (UTC-6) until 3-4am MDT


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I have a group of 4 players but we are looking to fill a position in the group. AS FOR ME: I have been playing for 30+ years and DMing for over 20. My GM experience includes D&D, AD&D, AD&D 2nd ed., Call of Cthulhu, Marvel, Kult, World of Darkness, Paranoia, Shadowrun, and Toon. I personally prefer a game focused on roleplaying rather than the mechanics but try to have a decent balance between both.I run sandbox games where you decide the course of the adventure and your actions have repercussions. I am fairly new to 5th edition so tumble over some rules but am catching on quick. AS FOR THE PLAYERS: The players are from all over including the US, Greece, and Poland. Ages range from 21-40. All are experienced players. Most prefer roleplaying, as I do. All are quick to laugh and into a fun game. AS FOR YOU: We are looking for a like minded player looking for a group of friends to explore the wonderful world of roleplaying. Be willing to relax rules for sake of roleplaying when needed.  THE PROCESS: Send a reply with a little about you and what your looking for in a GM and a game. Also some details on the character you would like to play (we are currently in mid campaign at around 11th level). If I like your application will present it to the group (- the character details) and it will be put to a vote. After that you will be invited to play.
What about a total newbie of a player. 32 I played and when I was 18 
never played anything in the interim? doesnt disqualify you. mind telling me a bit about yourself. 
well if a newbie doesn't disqualify me and you don't mind teaching im interested in playing especially if its today im 30 y/o played when I was like 11 with my dad and his friends I love all rpg video games bauldurs gate especially and recently I played a few hours dnd e5 campaigns just to learn a bit of the basics so if you don't mind teaching id be interested in joining 
the game takes place on saturdays  7pm MDT (UTC-6) until 33-4 am .