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Hypothetical Nightlife character sheet query - Repository Guidelines: Rules must be readily available

Hi, I've been toying with the idea of making a character sheet for Nightlife, (See: )  However, whilst PDFs for it are available on the internet, the game is so old now that there's no longer a legal way to acquire a PDF of the core rules.  The game's publishing company seemingly no longer exists as an entity and, as far as I can figure out, its last online retailer, Tri Tac Games, can no longer distribute PDFs due to their license expiring.     Does this mean if I made a sheet it could never be approved for the Roll20 Character Sheets Repository on the grounds that rules are not (legally) readily available in a digital format?  Its worth noting the game's rules are still legally available physically via Amazon and Ebay.  Fate seems to have cruelly dictated that this game fade into obscurity, it would be nice to be able to do a little something to keep its memory alive.   
Sheet Author
I'm not roll20 staff, but if the game has been published (and I recognise the name and know it has been), it'll be fine.  The thing about systems needing rules to be available is to deal with homebrew systems, to make sure that people aren't using the shared repository to make sheets for systems that cant actually be shared, because they've never been published anywhere (in a book, online, whatever).
Andreas J.
Sheet Author
Yeah, agree on GG 's assumtion. That aside, if you create the sheet, it must been tested on Roll20 beforehand, before approval. Which would require a Pro-subscription from you, or someone with Pro to run your code for a quick test. Creating/editing sheets and testing them without Pro is hard work, you can't test all aspects of a sheet that way either(been there, done that, wasn't a good idea).
Thank you both, i'll go ahead and get on with it then.   I've messed around with sheet creation for my group before but never anything intended for the repository, I don't mind resubscribing for a bit.  Though from what I remember i'm impressed you managed to get that far making a sheet without the pro tools Andreas.  You're a more determined soul than I XD.  

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Andreas J.
Sheet Author
I have been Pro during the summer when I made most of my work. A year ago, started without Pro, and did only tangeable changes now and then, and invested in a few months of Pro during the summer to get something actually done(and learn something), now I'm just on a break.Might pick up some things during the winter holidays again. But yeah, I did two sheets without Pro nor being that good, so result wasn't pretty.(They wouldn't have gotten approved under current guidelines, and rightly so XD)

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Roll20 Team
Dragon, You received excellent answers from GG and Andreas. Nightlife would be repo eligible even though its not readily available as a PDF. The spirit of that requirement is to ensure that the game system is readily available to the public and Nightlife was at one point in time. The physical copies still are so it meets the standard. Andreas, my first two sheets never saw the light of day. ;) Always have to start practicing somewhere.
Thanks for the official confirmation Cassie! 
Roll20 Team
You're most welcome. :)