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Pick Up Game Feedback Thread


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Stephanie B.
Roll20 Team
Please post your feedback on the Pick Up Game system here! The wiki page on LFG listings has been updated to include information on PUGs .

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My honest feedback? I LOVE it. I just finished having an open gameroom, for about 7 hours. Over that time, 34 people joined. Some just watched. I believe about 10 got to actually play. For some it was their first game on Roll20. Most of them had never played Pathfinder before. Thanks to Roll20's capabilities (when used properly!) they were all able to almost immediately learn how to do everything, and they all claimed to have a good time! Three different expeditions were made into the wilderness, and every player in every group was able to participate, even those who'd never even seen Roll20 before! The fact that I was able to advertise a game, and pick up new players so easily, means that I can (and will) do games of this sort much more often. Thanks again to all who made this possible! -Phnord, aka Barth the Bartender, The Color Animal Inn Edit: Initially I set the PLAYERS to 10. When it (quickly!) hit that number, I was unaware at first and people stopped arriving. I then set it to 23, thinking that would be enough. Finally, I set it to 234, to ensure that all could make it. Not a bug, but something to consider when making these posts. Also, since I ran an unusually long session, I had to reset the starting time several times, to ensure my LFG was visible. Also not a bug, since this is the intended function, but again worth considering.
Stephanie B.
Roll20 Team
Glad to hear it was a good experience! 
Amazing, thanks.

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The idea is good, and seems popular, although the implementation is a little clunky and buggy.  :-) Wouldn't it be simpler to just: 1. change the default sort order for all LFGs from "Relevant" to "Soon"; and  2. allow GMs to flag games as PUG, which would  give them the instant "Join" button (and a visible flag in the listings ) ? That would eliminate the current bugs with "Paid" and "Mature 18+" listings showing when the viewer doesn't want them.  Also, you'd no longer need the extra computer code for the separated listings, nor the extra code for PUGs in the next 2 hours, since the "Soon" sort would take care of that. __________ Speaking of simplifying, the "Gaming Group" category for "Adventurers League" games doesn't ever seem to be used by anyone.
I've been kicking players out of my PUG after the game to make room for the next batch, but it seems that once I do that, the former players can't access the LFG page!  Which is where all of the game's public (non-invitee) info is stored.  Help!

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Stephanie B.
Roll20 Team
Michael T. said: I've been kicking players out of my PUG after the game to make room for the next batch, but it seems that once I do that, the former players can't access the LFG page!  Which is where all of the game's public (non-invitee) info is stored.  Help! Hi, Michael! I'll update the top post to include a link to the wiki page on PUGs , but the reason this is happening is that, when you kick players from your game, they can no longer re-join the game or even see the LFG unless you send them a direct invite. That's to prevent abusive players from immediately rejoining a pickup game after they've been kicked out. My suggestion, if you're running a series of PUGs that you want to cycle through a bunch of players, is to perhaps make a copy of the campaign each time you start a new pickup game, and uncheck "Players" on the copy game form. If the adventure is something you re-set before you run it, you could make a "master" copy and copy that campaign for each PUG instead. Otherwise, you'll want to ask your players to click the "Leave Campaign" button from the main campaign page when the game is over (doing so does not kick them from the game, and they can rejoin later), but from my experience, players will often forget to do that. Edit to add: You can also, of course, just keep increasing the number of players allowed in your game, but that might get unwieldy after a while.
Thanks Stephanie.  That sounds easy enough.  How popular does my game have to become before Roll20 implements an easier solution? ;) Seriously though, you might consider renaming "Kick from Game" to "Ban from Game," since "Ban" is the term that other online games use for that function.
Stephanie B.
Roll20 Team
Hi, Michael! Banning/blocking is different from kicking. A kick can be temporary; you can reinvite the player at any time. If you block someone, they never see your game again and you would have to unblock them for them to rejoin. My apologies if the "kick" term isn't well defined. I suspect the solution you're looking for is support for what we call "supergroups," where you have a large pool of players and GMs who hop in and out of each others' games a lot. That's something we're looking at in the long-term planning, but definitely not something we're addressing any time soon.

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Gotcha.  One more thing, which you might (or might not) want to add to the PUG info: The best solution for my type of game is to copy the game, as you suggested, while unchecking "players" from the copy-options.  However, since I'm continually updating the game, it's easiest to carry all of the updates forward by copying the newest game after the session and deleting the old game, rather than have a master copy that would need to be updated with the changes from the latest game. It seems that the "forums" option for copying games does not extend to the LFG page forum, which I understand because a newly-copied game does not include an LFG listing.  However, the LFG page is the public face of the game, especially if you're running an open recruitment type of game, so it would be nice to be able to copy that as well.  And to completely falsify my "one more thing," some players have told me that joining my game via the PUG link drops them directly into the game, circumventing the Game Detail page.  If accurate, wouldn't it make sense to drop a player into the Game Detail page first, where the player could learn a thing or two about the game before hitting Play Now/Launch Game?   Nevermind.  Because: players.