Pick Up Game Feedback Thread


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Stephanie B.
Roll20 Team
Please post your feedback on the Pick Up Game system here!

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My honest feedback? I LOVE it. I just finished having an open gameroom, for about 7 hours. Over that time, 34 people joined. Some just watched. I believe about 10 got to actually play. For some it was their first game on Roll20. Most of them had never played Pathfinder before. Thanks to Roll20's capabilities (when used properly!) they were all able to almost immediately learn how to do everything, and they all claimed to have a good time! Three different expeditions were made into the wilderness, and every player in every group was able to participate, even those who'd never even seen Roll20 before! The fact that I was able to advertise a game, and pick up new players so easily, means that I can (and will) do games of this sort much more often. Thanks again to all who made this possible! -Phnord, aka Barth the Bartender, The Color Animal Inn Edit: Initially I set the PLAYERS to 10. When it (quickly!) hit that number, I was unaware at first and people stopped arriving. I then set it to 23, thinking that would be enough. Finally, I set it to 234, to ensure that all could make it. Not a bug, but something to consider when making these posts. Also, since I ran an unusually long session, I had to reset the starting time several times, to ensure my LFG was visible. Also not a bug, since this is the intended function, but again worth considering.
Stephanie B.
Roll20 Team
Glad to hear it was a good experience! 
Amazing, thanks.