Have a few free hours and an itch to play a game, but no group to play with? Try the brand new  “Pick Up Game”  feature on our  Looking for Group system  and you can get into a game right away! Shown on the sidebar of the Looking for Group page (under Games > Join a Game), Pick Up Games (PUGs) all start within two hours (or have started less than half an hour ago) and have open slots for more players to join. This system is entirely opt-in: the game’s creator gets to decide if they want their game added to the PUG list, so anything you see on the sidebar is actively looking for players, like you, to drop in! Pick Up Groups are yet another feature to result from our  Hacktoberfest  adventures earlier this year. The developer who made this possible is passionate about “making tabletop accessible to as many people as I can. The number one obstacle for newcomers is finding a game/group in the first place. A Pick Up Group (PUG) system makes it easier for players to find games and start playing right away.” So scratch that itch:  go check out the Pick Up Game system , find a game, and start playing! This feature is LIVE and available for all Roll20 users right now!