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Recommendations for a calendar?

I recently decided I should get more serious in tracking time/dates in my games.  Not only might it be good for being able to inject major holidays or local festivals on a reliable schedule, but also to having magic items be affected by phases of the moon (or whatever).  As far as I can tell, there are no calendar scripts available through the drop down menu in api  game settings.  Search seems to bring up multiple threads with links to download scripts various ages from fairly recent to 3 or 4 years old.  The age makes me wonder if they still work as intended. So, what is in use around the community?
I know Kirsty made some great calendar scripts . I use the multi-world calendar, which is updated regularly. It even tracks cycles of the moon!
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Robin has a Calendar script here too:
Thanks!  I'll try those and see if I can muddle through them to get something I can work with. 
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If you need any help getting my calendar set up, feel free to send me a PM. Mine is less initial set up, but I think Robin's provides more versatility. 
Thanks.  I haven't had a chance to mess with yours yet, though I did download the multi-world version.  The possibility of having several different ones available from the same script does have an appeal.  At first glance, it looks like I could easily take one of those entries and tweak it for a custom calendar (or add another option).  Of course, given my level of ignorance of this sort of thing, it probably won't be as simple as I think it might be. 
I use to make my Calendars. I like that it can do moon phases for up to 13 different moons.