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Grid Rotation/Perspective

Most of my GMing is a very visual experience. With that said, I'm not a big user of top down grid systems, but it would be nice if some of my 3/4 view maps and images could be given a grid that can be rotated and set to match up with the perspective of the image used. Even if the grid didn't snap, that would be helpful still (though snapping would be preferred).
For me whenever it comes to the time to make a map I truly worry about how 3D the players environment is, A world is not a flat plane, it is a cliff edged, hilled covered terrain that is made to help guide players towards the goals of the map or towards an enemy. For me right now, I will never be able to create a page with a singular multi-floored dungeon, just a basic tower will be the greatest challenge when you are defaulted to always use top down presets. With the ability to simply tilt the grid or have better access to transformation of tiles all forms of perspective should eventually be able to be achieved without needing to manually create your own tiles by drawing them. Several issues will present themselves but when addressed betters the experience of the Players and the DM. Helps DM with their map designing and making process. In turns helps prevent disorientation of players.   The Screenshots illustrate two maps that have cliffs, both attempt their best to handle disorientation . Though both are decent, it takes forever to present a top down view that has been shuffled and edited with fixes to help prevent confusion.  Some forms to help prevent these types of problems: Give Roll20 Pro members more liberty with their tokens transformations (Makes even more incentives for Pro Membership) Give us customization for our grids (Maybe another Pro Membership feature?) This can help us and help you.
Roll20 Dev Team
Roll20 Team
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