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Fixing a War for the Crown Map that I screwed up?

Hey Folks, I am using Chapter One of the War for the Crown Pathfinder AP Series. I screwed up a map. I ‘think’ I was looking at the Vision Blocking / Dynamic Lighting level and I hit “Clear Drawings.” I panicked, and I think I switched the the map level and tried to hit “Undo.”  Oy vey. I have no clear idea what I did except screw the map up. What I ended up with is no vision blocking except the bright blue and orange vision blocking lines are now drawn on the map level for the players to see. The Fog of War still works, but there is no vision blocking. Is there an easy fix for this? Like can I somehow copy that map, just clear the fog of war (where applicable) on the new good copy and move the tokens appropriately? Or is my recourse just to try to remove the lines and redraw the vision blocking myself? (It’s not a small map) Thanks in advance people!
Forum Champion
You are a Pro user. You can create a brand new game using Chapter One of the War for the Crown, and Transmogrify the page in question into your existing game. 
Ha! I feel like a dope! I’m a Pro-subscriber to get all the bells and whistles, but I’m still learning the platform. Thank you very much, I’ve now read up on that feature.