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[LFP][Twilight 2000] - Post-Apocalyptic Modern Combat and Survival in the year 2025 - Friday Nights - 6 PM Mountain


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Your unit is assigned to the overrun US 5th Division in Poland in the last battle of World War 3.  As your division is being overrun, the final communication to you from Division Command is "Good Luck, you're on your own".   Your road home will be a difficult one and what will you find when you get home?  It's a post nuclear war environment.  Governments are failing.  Infrastructure is decimated.   Famine and disease are as much a concern as your opposing forces.    Electricity and oil have disappeared. Methanol, Ethanol or Bio-Diesel fuel the vehicles.  Local Warlords and military deserters terrorize the remaining civilian populations.  What would you do as civilization collapses? Survive at any cost? Help rebuild? Go home? Carve out your own empire? The choice is yours.   Twilight 2000 is a very unique RPG, unlike anything you'll ever run across. The combat system is detailed and excellent. The character creation allows for extensive choices. The campaign is entirely sandbox. Hundreds of military vehicles and weapons are available.  Looking for up to 6 players for a FRIDAY night game starting at 6 PM mountain time for 3-4 hours.   Permission for use has been granted by Marc Miller, Far Future Enterprises.
Did you formally write to Marc to get permission for the above from the back jacket?  Pretty thorough. , if that is the process you went through. I have GMed all editions of Twilight: 2000, for years, while serving on active duty in the Navy in the 80s and 90s.  I prefer 2nd ed with the D6 autofire rules, much easier to use, but not as accurate simulation.  But I could play any edition, except not interested in the 2013? edition. What edition are you using? is this weekly?  I live retired in Thailand, so your game would run for me at 8 AM saturdays. I could play anything, mechanic, scrounger, friendly Russian Turncoat, Polish partisan,  Bradley M242 Gunner. Looking to play a stereotypical, Good guy, not a murder hobo. Someone with a Conscience, with a reason to go home, not just survive in place in Lodz. Is this your opening post? Do you have anyone else signed up? 

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Yes I did email Marc Miller.  I have the email back from him.  I use 2nd Edition and I've upped all damage rolls from 1d6 to 1d10.  1st Edition has the hyper-realistic penetration rules on vehicles, but 2nd edition flows much better.   Yes, this would be weekly.   I've modified the official Twilight 2000 character sheet from Roll20 Github, so it does a tremendous amount of the rolling now.  For example, a 10 ROF weapon is a single button push that determine hits, hit locations and damage.   An explosive weapon does the concussion and frag hits/location/damage with a button push.  Melee has buttons for attack/block/avoid (if possible)/throw all built in for hand/foot/grapple/leaping kick/diving blow.  Dice rolling is very fast which makes combat very fun.  I use Google maps, so Poland, etc., comes alive.   You are the first so far.  Maybe is the season, but there doesn't seem to be a huge number of folks looking for games and there seems to be a lot of games looking for people.   Hang tight for a bit.  When we have another, I'll get the game up and invite you in and we can start rolling up toons.  I ran Twilight in the 90s.  I have another Twilight campaign in Roll20 right now.  I have one player there who is still in Discord but had a schedule change for work, so he can't play on my other time slot.  I've reached out to him because I believe he's available on Friday nights.  If so, we can start up game quickly.  
right on. I have patience. so all damage is d10s instead of d6's?  Hard core. I normally play and Run Mongoose Traveller, So I understand Low hit points, high damage games. When I was going to run I was going to use google maps, also, for in and around Kalisz.  I tried starting a Twilight game last year here, could not get any traction beyond a player who lived in Poland, wanting to play. Could not get a group going.  T2K is not as popular as 5e, D&D, Pathfinder, or Star Wars Fantasy Flight.   The player to DM ration here is like 20 to 1.   So there are always players out in the cold or people completely new to RPGs, who saw Matt Mercer run stuff and twitch stream.  I am currently running 5th edition as a low fantasy, mixed RP / Social / Combat setting, Monday nights USA, for 6 players. All good guys with a penchant for violence.  If you need players, I can toss them invites, beyond the people you recruit from this process.  Some might be available as last minute joins.  See how many you can come up with that are fans of Twilight, there are a few here and there. will take a while.  Talk to you soon, thanks for the fast response.
Toss some invites.  It took a while to get traction in my other Roll20 Twilight campaign.  Now that the traction is there, they are having a blast.