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Ideas for world, lore, setting, etc

Volaria takes place on a remote continent that has been cut off from the world for decades. Reason being is because Werewolves have the continent under complete control since the human races of the land have not discovered silver as the main weakness to werewolves. A vicious cycle of slaughtering, breeding, and slaughtering again of the human races has went on for over 100 years before a ship carrying strange adventurer's lands on their shores. A band of misfits clad in magical arms haven't taken kindly to being considered food and start a rebellion against the werewolves. They free enslaved people and teach them to fight and what a werewolf's weakness is. One of the strange adventurers gives off a dark presence, as if he hides something even more frightening than the werewolf clans in his blood. During the first battle the people have with these adventurer's, they discover just what that evil presence is. A half elf, wearing black as tar leather armor, with a hood pulled far over his face, leaving it in complete shadow, is able to transform into a pitch black werewolf with burning orange eyes. During the battle, most of the people that were freed have been slaughtered, so the werewolves turn their attention to the group of adventurer's who have destroyed their golden age and attack without mercy. The half elf erupts into a burning cloud of black as the whole battlefield is consumed by unnatural darkness. In the midst of the darkness glows two burning orange orbs that dart back and forth, blinking in and out of existence. With every quick movement, there comes the scream of a werewolf being torn to shreds as one after another, they are all slaughtered. Shortly after the battle, the people began to call this new "werewolf" race the Elderblood Werewolf because of it abnormal difference to many other werewolves and for its immunity to silver. Many years have passed since the Great Volarian War and werewolves now live amongst the other races, yet they are far from treated equally. The system to govern the werewolves of the continent so they would not rise up to attack the population again, is to designate a human or elf as a Shift Nullifier or as the general public calls them "Muzzles". Muzzles are gifted humanoids around the same age (usually younger than the werewolf they are magically bound to) as their werewolf companions who are capable of stopping a werewolf from shifting. Should a Muzzle allow their werewolf counterpart to shift, they will be knocked unconscious and be unable to do anything until the werewolf they are bound to returns to their normal form. Should a muzzle be killed, the werewolf that is bound to them shall also die with them. This is what I have so far. Really need ideas for setting and the world in general. Anything is welcome and helpful :D
Gen Kitty
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