More than one thousand years ago, the wizard Halaster Blackcloak journeyed from a distant land to the base of Mount Waterdeep, perhaps acceding to the whispered summons of providence. Some believe he hailed from the nearly forgotten empire known as the Cradlelands. In ages past, humanity spread from the Cradlelands across Faerûn, originating from what is now the Plains of Purple Dust, a wasteland birthed out of a conflict with the gods. Others give Halaster less ancient origins, placing him among the early wizards of Netheril, or asserting that he came from a southern nation long since buried by sand and time. Whatever his origin, scholars have recorded that Halaster brought with him seven apprentices to Mount Waterdeep. And now it's your turn to delve into Undermountain... --- That's right! The  Mimics & Monstrosities YouTube channel  will be running a weekly game of Dungeon of the Mad Mage. We recommend you have some experience playing D&D5e and using Roll20 to make things run a tad smoother. We'll be recording on Wednesday afternoons at 2pm EST and running until about 5pm EST . We will be using Google Hangouts for video and chat, and Roll20 for rolls, etc. This means you must have a webcam and microphone as we'll be recording the game for the channel. If you're interested in taking part, apply down here! Application Rules & Guidelines All playable races found over on  D&D Beyond  are accepted. No homebrew. All official classes/sub-classes are permitted. I'll also be allowing the Blood Hunter, and Gunslinger of Critical Role fame. You must have a webcam & microphone as we'll be recording over on Google Hangouts. We'll be recording the game on Wednesdays at 2pm EST until 5pm EST. We usually would like everyone to be at the game half an hour early for prep and technical sorting out. As of now, we're looking to start the game  December 11th, 2018 .  Just because you apply doesn't ensure a spot. We're looking for a varied cast in terms of everything! We're looking for a group of five players. Unfortunately due to some language and the fact some people may be imbibing in alcohol during recordings, ideally I'd ask that anyone who applies be 21 years of age or more. You can apply to be a part of the game, here!