Hi, since my character sheet first was online I have to rely on an API script to achieve the following:  Check if the sum of two dice of a single roll is below oder above a certain number - without taking the modifier into account.  Example: /roll 2d10cs<10cf>1 marks every 10 green and every 1 red, so it's a critical fumble if any dice is a 1 and it's a critical success if any dice is a 10. Is it possible to check on all of the dice but ignoring the modifier? Something like /roll [[{1d10,1d10}]]cf<3cs>19 + [1d1 + 12] but the cf and cs would compare the sum of the dice with 3 and 19 (and also allow to add a modifier as usual but does not consider it regarding fumble or success). I think this expresses the idea in the best way I can think of: /roll {{1d10,1d10}cf<3cs>19, [[12]]} So something like "[1, 2] + 12" would be considered a critical fumble and something like "[10, 9] + 12" would be considered a critical success, but neither would "[1, 8] + 12" be a critical fumble nor would "[4, 10] + 12" be a critical success. But in every case the sum would be calculated correctly. Can anyone think of a "dice hack" to achieve this? Greetings, Loki