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LFP Rotted Capes Discord Side kicks vs Super Zombies

The world is dead. The worlds heroes have become their biggest menace. Pockets of humanity still exist. Protected by superpower side kicks. Wh will answer the call. Day and time TBD
This sounds intriguing.  I've played superheroes, and I've played zombie survival, but I've never played both in the same game.  Is this a voice or text-based game that you're planning?  Also, what system are you considering using?
All the info is above. Discord and the system is called Rotted Capes.
Discord can be used for both voice and text, so I still don't know which you're running.  I noticed that Rotted Capes was the name of the system, rather than the name of your campaign, after I saw it mentioned somewhere else.
If schedules coincide, I'm interested.
I'm interested in playing. I can play anytime Monday-Thursday.
Sounds like fun.
I'm interested, could you PM me when it will happen?
So is rotted capes like... a game? Is there a book I need to understand it?
Yes. It has it's own rulebook too.
Do you have any idea where I could find this book?
you don't need it to RP. No one ever needs to purchase a game to be able to play it. But yes there is a book. Check out drive thru rpg. Intrested in joining us?
Yeah I think so, but I wanna see the system first
By which I mean, I definitely want to play, but I have no clue how to. Is there a discord or something?
I... I don't know what that means? The discord link is up somewhere?
Means last post. Whats your discord?
IF this is Thursday evenings EST then I'm interested