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[Request] On damage check?

Mik Holmes
Marketplace Creator
I have a PC with a permanent condition which triggers when he takes damage, but we have a lot of trouble remembering it. Is there a script out there that will detect when a particular PC takes damage and trigger a chat output, as well as detect a particular sheet's token on multiple pages? I know the Concentration script does a similar thing, based on the stopwatch statusmarker, but is there a way to do this attached to a specific character sheet/its default token? 
Sheet Author
Maybe you could use the  Customizable Roll Listener script to trigger a chat message and/or another script(s).
read the code of Robin's DeathTracker script. &nbsp; He just observes changes to the health bar, in order to be called when health changes. &nbsp;It's a very cute idea, because you get 'change:graphic' when the bar changes, so you can indirectly observe change to hp. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>