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looking for DM to run Waterdeep and mad mages dungeon.

Looking for a DM to run these two modules that i purchased on Roll20. I am currently the DM but am looking to step down and be a player. Looking for a DM that would like to step in and run the show. Sessions are 2 to 2.5 hours long and consist of a husband and wife, their friend and me. Just ended the ToA campaign and have rolled new characters for the new season but only one session in. If interested please respond to post and we can meet and talk about it.
Just to edit the previous post. I am not looking for a paid DM. Just looking for one that enjoys the game and would like to run an adventure that the group has purchased and have fun doing it. I have gotten private messages offering paid DM services and am declining them.  This one offered his service and boasted that he put in hundreds of hours in prep time, but has never met the group, so how can he prep the game. t  Member since 10/06/15 /  G  GM of 34 games / 4689 Hours Played / 205 Forum Posts and with 34 games running how can he make each game enjoyable for each group, at least enough that the group would pay for the experience. Thank you for interest, but if your a paid DM please don't apply. We are looking for someone that enjoys the game, and does not need to play it just to get paid. That is a job and not a hobby. 
What times do you guys normally like playing?
we play on saturdays from 8pm to 10:00/10:30pm. we are in the westcoast of usa.
we have young kids and hectic work schedules so we have limited time frames. we put kids to bed and play for around 2 hours