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Looking for Player for 5e DND. Saturday 7:30pm MDT (UTC-6) until 3-4am MDT.

Please note the time above we play weekly and each session runs for 7-8 hours. Be sure this works for you before applying. I have a group of 4 players but we are looking to fill a position in the group caused by a member leaving due to RL issues. I have been playing for 30+ years and DMing for over 20. My GM experience includes D&D, AD&D, AD&D 2nd ed., Call of Cthulhu, Marvel, Kult, World of Darkness, Paranoia, Shadowrun, and Toon. I personally prefer a game focused on roleplaying rather than the mechanics but try to have a decent balance between both.I run sandbox games where you decide the course of the adventure and your actions have repercussions. If your 1st level and You decide that going to that cave marked with a sign saying "HERE BE DRAGONS" is, for some reason a good idea, I wont stop you (I gave you a warning sign). Yhe world is yours. I set the stage and plan the best i can but you, the other players and you characters decide where we go and what grand adventures shall be had. The players are from all over including the US, Greece, and Poland. Ages range from 21-40. All are experienced players. Most prefer roleplaying, as I do. All are quick to laugh and into a fun game.  Our definition of roleplaying is as follows: I do voices for both male and female characters in a decent enough variety so you know who is speaking. the players do a variety of roleplaying with some stating what they say and do and some using voices as i do. Most are interested in developing their characters personalities as they live life and are exposed to different experiences. We are looking for a like minded player looking for a group of friends to explore the wonderful world of roleplaying.  Please reply with a little about you and what your looking for in a GM and a game. Also some details on the character you would like to play (we are currently at around 11th level and plan to go to 30th).
Here is an application.  I am looking for a good that can create a fun yet serious roleplay experience. 1. What do you want to be called?: David 2. Real Life Age / Location: 19, south Carolina 3. Experience with D&D5e and Roll20: About 2 years of roll20 and like 3 of 5e 4. Do you have a a suitable microphone and headset: Razor Mic and headset! Main Character Name: Pierro Class: Mastermind rogue Race: Human Alignment: NG Character Goal: To spread joy to everyone all the while building a massive criminal empire under the noses of everyone else. Concise Background:   Pierro was born to a family of circus performers. Not just any performers, but clowns. He grew up learning how to be comedic and strange to fool people into believing you are something that you are not. He then learned to utilize this to get whatever he wanted through stealing and manipulation. Backup Character Name: Arnulf Class: Divination Wizard Race: Tiefling Alignment: LE Character Goal: To gain true future-site and become a true oracle. Concise Background: Arnulf began his life in a prison cell he was born to a loving mother and father in the jail cell. Apartment being born his family noticed one thing that is loaf had massive horns and very purple skin. His parents were utterly shocked to discover that their bloodline held infernal heritage. That's what they were both humans themselves and none of the relatives in the past had ever had relations with tieflings. They felt that this was a tremendous occasion and thusly named their newborn son Arnulf. Arnulf had three of those siblings of one brother and two sisters. Arnulf is the youngest of the four. His siblings did not admonish him for his devilish features instead they loved him for he was unique and he was one of their own despite being a different race. As Arnulf grew up he had found that his mother had disappeared when he was a very young age to the point where his father had no idea when she had gone some say that she might have traveled to a far-off plane others say that she was taken off by a devilish fiend from the nine hells that had come to take his prize. Arnulf spent a majority of his younger years living in a run-down check with his father and three siblings. Life was very mundane for Arnulf, that was until he met his uncle Balthazar who taught him the ways of divination as his uncle could see that Arnulf had great potential to the point of the nearly future site was possible. The teaching went on for two years before one day suddenly the heavens cried out as there was a snap across the sky As Arnulf turns to look at his uncle he noticed his uncle had been crushed by a meteorite from the heavens. It was at this point Arnulf knew does he shouldn't go off into the world like his siblings before him and discover something for himself because he did don't want to be blamed for the murder of his uncle. So as Arnulf traveled off he found his sister Maybelle and the pair traveled the world for a short time. The pad decided to become adventurous seeking out great treasure and wealth. All things went well for the two until one day they found a set of ruins that will change their life forever. In these dark depths, Maybelle lost her left arm and Arnold lost his finger to a deadly trap. Maybelle blamed Arnulf for her losing her left arm and she ran off cursing his name into the darkness. As Arnold sat there alone in the Darkness he pondered death and then Vision came across his eyes. He saw a vision of a town and a group of humanoids. He knew this had been the divination magic his uncle had taught him about and so rested and tended to his wounds. He waited for 3 days before he finally had the strength to get up and get out. After exiting the ruins he headed to town looking for the fated party.
Name: Marijan Nickname: Keto Sex: Male Age: 21 Position: Student Timezone: CET D&D Experience: 10 months- played only martial classes and one wizard for a short period of time Roll20 Experience: 10 months Yes, I am capable of playing for that long. Character Name: Eleanore Grimwood Sex: Female Class: Warlock Patron: Raven Queen (if that's allowed; if not I can play a Cleric maybe) Race: Half-elf Alignment: Neutral good Background: Sage (perhaps modified background instead of current one) Character's Story: I will keep it short so you don't need to read too much- hopefully that won't give me negative points. Eleanore is a half-elf born due to selective breeding between humans and Shadar-Kai with high magic potential to bring children with even greater magical potential. There is no love in these arranged marriages as they only last until child is born. Child is then taken away and taken care of in institutes where it gets educated about the world so it could reveal its true magic potential. That was, basically, how Eleanore's situation was, but she was not attached to her parents since she spent most of her youth with people of the institutes. Eventually, she decided to pay a visit to her parents just for the sake of getting to know people responsible for her being alive. Father, Shadar-Kai elf, was warm and welcoming, but mother, human, was extremely rude and hostile. She hurt Eleanore badly and she lost Darkvision as a result of it. Now we fast forward over the details. Being one of the children with high potency in magic and control over it she was given a task to find Twelve Stars, magical gems of unimaginable power which needed to be brought together so the power may manifest. Eleanore's high magic potency allows her to feel the power of these gems when they are in about a mile radius which was discovered by using one of the gems institute already had on hand. She was given that gem since it also has high potential of finding other gems and then she was sent on a task to find the remaining eleven. Her primary task- to find the gems. Secondary task- educate herself by observing the world she goes through. Third task- to fix any abnormalities she comes across and aids where she can to spread the reputation of the Raven Queen. As a devoted follower of the Raven Queen she aims to please her patron whenever possible.  She has been on many adventures with many brave warriors, tricky rogues and powerful mages and over that period she managed to acquire 2 more gems of the Twelve Stars making it a total of 3. She became relatively popular in some areas due to her willingness to aid those in need and to learn from them whenever she can. Popularity also came from the fact she, with help of many good people, brought down a criminal organization which was oppressing people of the small towns and villages. In that journey she has grown as a mage and as a person- eventually she parted ways with other adventurers and headed for her little 'treasure hunt' for the gems. That is pretty much it. Note it is a female character. As I said in many threads- I now tend to play females for the sake of balance; my male character ratio was too high in comparison to female one before so I just want to do that. If anyone does not feel comfortable with it I can try to switch or simply narrate what Eleanore does and says. If you have any questions about her details I'd be happy to answer.