Norid Crom  the Barbarian King was a Stern but the sympathetic leader, an honorable man that saw himself as a commoner and never asked anything from anyone he himself would not do. He was a charismatic leader (well as charismatic as a barbarian can be that is) that manipulated the spice and ore trade to always favor his land's prosperity. Which caused resentment among some of the neighboring tribes that weren't considered allies. Being a strong believer that education of the mind and metal were equally important he often took a more diplomatic course of action in contrary to his higher console's advice.                   On returning from the grand conclave, the meeting of the more powerful tribes of the region, where alliances are strengthened and knowledge exchanged. He is horrified by the site that his village has been attacked. As flames engulf buildings and villagers flee Norid rushes head forth to his home. As he walks in cautiously he sees the bloodbath that has taken place, the bodies of drow elves bugbears and goblins are scattered everywhere in his once peaceful sanctuary. He slowly approaches his bedroom to see what he feared most the tortured butchered bodies of his half orc wife Lozen and infant son Clovin. He hears scuffling in the adjacent room " come to finish the job huh?!? Well good I want to die! But know it won't be easy!!!" NORID sighs in relief to see if it was his best friend, second-in-command, and brother-in-law the orc Warrior of osric known as Slain Severely injured sitting hunched over the bodies of a pair of ogres  Slain: " it was an all-out attack brother, forces came from all sides, border guards held long enough to evacuate most of the women and children. Urged Lozen to leave but she refused, stubborn just like you. It was a beautiful sight to see she fought as if Tempest himself embodied her. My only regret is I'm alive to tell you about it" Slain begins to cry " I'm so sorry I couldn't protect our family I should be with them now"                    NORID Embraces Slain " it wasn't in Tempest's  plan for you to die he must have great things in store for you brother."                        In the middle of their conversation two  beasts hobble  in from the torn down wall the ogres made, clearly injured but Lively it was Lalo the brown bear and Bolo the wolf two beasts that have befriended Norid in the nearby Forest. They both lay at his feet as if giving condolences to him. Norid  looks down and smiles      Norid: "Slain, remember this face for it will be the last time you or anyone will see a smile on it, now I'm going to need you to get every able man to start collecting then burning the bodies of all that have fallen. The last thing we need is a plague to start! But leave my kin to me"                        He gathers the mangled remains of his wife and child and heads to his personal Forge. Fire raging he slowly and gently places their bodies in with no regard to the severe burns he is enduring. He screams in agony then the only sound heard is that of a hammer striking hot metal and sobbing in between for 3 weeks straight. Lalo and Bolo are guarding the entrance to deter anyone from disturbing him. NORID emerges with a great Axe so finely crafted it would make even the best Dwarven Smiths envious. He immediately heads to Slain's quarters                      Norid: " I'm pleased to see the progress you made in your recovery, and how well you've lead the village in my absence. Which is why I will need you to continue. I'm going to need you to Rally our allies for war"                     Slain:" brother, our allies are hungry for it there won't be any need for much of a rally, they too were attacked some even worse than us. But The Who and why is still a mystery"                        Norid: " I'm personally going to find out who did this to our tribe or Village our family!" as the rage builds a tear sheds down his cheek " this is the last time you will see me cry brother, so remember that I was once capable of such"                         He wipes the tear off his face and looks at his axe and asks it      " Where do we start?"