PRESS RELEASE DATE: 30 th November 2018 &nbsp; CRITICAL ROLE INSPIRED FANS CREATE TWITCH CHANNEL Talented, experienced, dedicated and passionate content creators who love anything RPG! Lawful Stupid RPG have recruited talent from all over the world, many having played RPG games for well over thirty years. A team of artists, composers, writers and other professions. With so many exceptional channels such as Critical Role and Geek and Sundry. We here at Lawful Stupid RPG want a slice of the action, putting on show talented charismatic people who are not established actors or film creators. Lee Perkins, founder or Lawful Stupid RPG, recently advertised for talent with the title “Who wants to be the next Matthew Mercer?” Then stating that “The response was overwhelming, with talented DM’s and players wanting to sign up!” After weeks of preparation and interviews, the team is finally ready to launch their campaign, in hopes of providing enjoyment to the ever-growing community of RPG lovers and enthusiast. Lee has said that over the next few weeks and months, more shows will be put on stream, as well as their YouTube channel. Raising money for charity is another goal, with events planned soon. ENDS For media enquiries contact: Lee Perkins, Lawful Stupid RPG, <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Twitch: Twitter: @lawfulstupidrpg