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A simple explode roll option to support V20 / W20 / ?20

The new OWoD 20th anniversary games made a small change on the classical Storyteller dice exploding mechanics, wich is currently usupported by the dice roller but should be pretty easy to implement. When the player is entitled to explode a roll, every 10 (on a Xd10 roll) counts as 2 succeses instead of one, without the need of further rolling. Currently there is no way to represent it with roll20 mechanics, but i do think implementing it shouldn't be to hard. --- Example of a possible implementation: Automatic Exploding Dice ( V20-Style Exploding Dice ) The 20th anniversary edition of Vampire, the Masquerade   (and some other systems) use a special style of exploding dice where the the additional dices are not rolled, each one giving instead an additional success to the roll. To represent this the !a option will add a non-exploding dice with the maximum possible outcome for each exploded dice of the original roll. To explode 7d10 with this option you would do /roll 7d10!a A common V20 roll would count the number of successes (and failures) in the roll, compared to a target difficulty, for example /roll {8d10!a}>6f1
This should  be possible once the rollable tables are implemented. In theory you could define a table that the output is 0,0,0,0,0,0,1,1,1,2 where its a "d10" but outputs the number of successes that should be counted for the die face. It's still in development though so I can't say 100% sure if that would work but I will test it out once we get there.
That would be quite impractical, considering the difficulty (the threshold of each die to be considered a success) can vary with each roll, depending on the situation.
Oh yeah forgot that about oWoD. Still thinking in nWoD mode.
But, the dice table thing sounds wonderful. I will love that!