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Show Image from Handout


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Is there a way to show an image from a Handout to the players, like you can with a token on the VTT when you press SHIFT+Z? For example, in the Curse of Strahd Campaign, there is a picture of the Death House in the Death House handout; likewise a picture of Rose and Thorn in the introduction Handout. I would like to show these images to the players without revealing the name of the handout (ie. Death House / Rose and Thorn). Also, is there a reason the Marketplace content has names on all of the NPC handouts? It would be great to be able to just show the fullsize handout image in this way, again without sharing the handout with the NPCs name. But alas, the images on most of the content has the name of what they're about to fight printed right on them. Or is this the only way of doing this right now ?
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I think there is a script that will do this, but the API is a Pro perk. You could duplicate the handout with the new duplicate button  and edit out any info you don't want to show.
Thank you for the advice using duplicate handout. I spent some time looking through the API forum for "image" and also looking at all of the documented functions in the API wiki. I didn't see anything that would allow this programmatically.