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DmgBonus in AD&D "1st Edition and 2E"

I am sorry to come back on this problem. But again I find some problem trying to use the attribute of strength. We discussed it here "". One issue was solved, but lately I tried to made some change and it seems to me that the tag @{DmgBonus} is simply ignored while the tag @{meleeBonus} works properly. Can you help me? here is the code I am using: &{template:attacks} {{name=@{character_name}}} {{subtag=@{WeaponName}}} {{attack1=[[1d20 + @{ToHitBonus}[BON] + @{MagicBonus}[MAG] + @{meleeBonus}[STR] + ?{To Hit Modifier Primary/Secondary?|0}[MOD]) ]]}} {{damage=[[@{DamageSmallMedium} + @{DmgBonus}[STR] + @{AttackDmgBonus}[BON] + @{MagicBonus}[MAG] + ?{Damage Modifier?|0}[MOD]]]}}  {{WeaponNotes=@{WeaponNotes}}}  @{whisper_to-hit} Thank you in advance.
Looking at the other thread you linked to, it sounds like the @{DmgBonus} attribute was replaced by @{AttackDmgBonus}. Have you tried adding that instead?
Hi Rabulias, thank you for replying. @{AttackDmgBonus} replaced the tag that was inside the "repeated weapon" that before had the same name of the strength damage attribute. And actually this now works very well. However, my problem now is that, I don't know why, I cannot call the strength attribute @{DmgBonus} inside my macros. If you take a look at the code I posted, I used moth tags. @{AttackDmgBonus} works properly but @{DmgBonus} is just ignored. Thank you for your attention.

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What do you get if you type @{"NAME"|DmgBonus} into chat (where NAME is the name of the character)? Include the quotes around the name if the character's name has a space in it. For example: @{"Simone T."|DmgBonus}

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I'm still looking at this...  On one character I substituted your macro and it worked perfectly, while on another it ignored  DmgBonus. but it appears that if you include "selected" or the character name in the macro when calling the  DmgBonus attribute specifically, it will include the bonus as expected. e.g.  @{selected|DmgBonus} I believe this may still stem from when  DmgBonus was used as a regular attribute and also within the repeating attacks. edit : actually it looks like the original repeating attribute was left within the repeating section as a hidden attribute.  It is used for older sheets to pull a proper value for it's replacement attribute " AttackDmgBonus".  The r epeating attack looks for  attributes by name  within the repeating section and since it finds the hidden  DmgBonus, it's using that value, which is "0" .   I'll see if there's a way to remove the older deprecated repeating  DmgBonus.
If I use  @{"NAME"|DmgBonus} I actually get the value I am looking for. And @{selected|DmgBonus}  actually worked.  At the moment I suppose this is good enough. Thank you all.