I was messing with an old token-movement script as a way to move tokens around automatically (walled off section of the map for multiple indoor floors of a house as an example) and the old script visibly moved the token on the token layer (transition was animated, took a few seconds) which I don't want to happen because it is a little disconcerting to watch your token drift through the walls.  However.  When I tried to remedy this by moving the token to the GM layer, moving it, then moving it back to the token layer - the bubbles stayed where the token had been, the player selection of the token disappeared (I suspect I know why this happened: move to GM means player select invalidated), and the token re-appeared while its bubbles were still across the map.  I know that vision re-center is not a thing yet (it would be ideal for this script) but I suspect that the bubbles/indicators being left behind by a selected token being moved to the GM layer is not... what is supposed to happen.