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New DM looking for a small adventure


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Hey everyone, I'm looking to start DMing for my group (our old DM doesn't have the time). The players are all familiar with the game, but I would want something easy and not too basic to get my feet wet. Hopefully, I can find something that is a good jumping off point for me, but still fun/new/engaging to the players. Ideally this would be something that can be completed in a small number of sessions. We've already done Mines in a different session, so hopefully, someone has something different. Thanks in advance!
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I'm presuming 5e for 'reasons' but The Master's Vault could be a perfect starter, it's free and shouldn't take more than a couple of sessions to complete... perfect for DMs in training :)
Have you looked at the Death House mini campaign at the start of Curse of Strahd? It takes players through levels 1-3 and is contained entirely withing a haunted house so there's little chance of things going too off the rails for a new DM. Even the setup can be as simple as "The PCs are walking through the woods one night and get lost only to find themselves before a big creepy house"

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Master's Vault is certainly an good free module.  Also, if you are willing to buy something, I recommend Seven Days at Ranger Fort .  It was designed as a way for new GMs to start their own campaign.  It is extremely thorough and provides helpful notes on everything.  However, it is not easy to "win" (your players will be challenged.)  It is 100% ready to run with pre-made characters.  You begin with lots of combat (great for a new GM) and then build up to the heroic climax. Edit: I forgot to mention, this is based on the Pathfinder Community Sheets.  But unless you absolutely want D&D (or PF2) then this a fine RPG that doesn't require tons of PF experience.
The best approach is to write your own scenarios. Start with a tavern and rumors of an old (mine/castle/ruin/whatever) outside of town. The locals think the monsters are coming from there and raiding some of the outlying farms. If you want to go graphic, pick up some tiles, I recommend anything by Gabriel Pickard, make your castle/dungeon/tower and populate with monsters that match your party level. If you wrote it you will definitely know what the author was thinking. 
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al e. said: If you wrote it you will definitely know what the author was thinking.  Great advice, having run a homebrew game for 4 years and running a group at work through SKT for the past year I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I've learned more, and had more fun , doing my own thing. Modules are great effort savers but you really have to read up and ahead to be able to guide the players sufficiently.

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I've got a short module you could easily spin out into something longer if you wanted. It is meant for lower levels, not quite Level 1s. Plus with the setup of the game, you could easily dovetail other adventuring into the storyline between the major sections.