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What happens to transmogrified contend after subscription is reduced or removed?


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Hi, recently i bought the module princes of the apocalypse for my current party. Thought it would be a great idea to get a better red herring than my losely attached adventures. Little did i know (mostly through not reading all the details) this is only for new games. So i created a new game and everything is there, fair and square. My question now is how to handle the situation. My current solution would be upgrade my "plus account" to a "pro account" and move the content over to my correct game, then reduce to account back to plus. My question is now, are the resource which i copied a reference or are they hardcopies? So bascially, would the copies stay after "losing" the transmog feature, or would they vanish aswell? Would be great if some lad(dess) could answer my question :) KR
Scott C.
Sheet Author
API Scripter
Transmogrify moves the content to the new game. Those assets are in the game as if you had manually entered all the information.
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Scott is correct. The Transmogrifier and the character vault both make copies of data, not just pointers to the originals. If you were to transmogrify assets and then reduce your subscription level afterward, the games would retain the maps/tokens/pages/etc. that you moved into them.
Thanks for both your answers. This resolves my issue completly!