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d20 Attributes

Samuel Penn
KS Backer
Hi all, How do people playing d20 handle attributs in the roll20 character journals? My natural inclination is to create a 'str' attribute and stick in the value for that attribute (e.g. 15). However, you can't then access the attribute directly in macros, since what you actually want is the bonus/penalty (e.g. +2). So the next obvious solution is to just stick the bonus/penalty in there, but in which case I need to record the actual attribute elsewhere (at least for long lived characters where it matters due to progression). A third option is to perform the calculation in the macro "(@{str} - 10)/2", but that's ugly (and I'm not sure if there's a way to drop fractions). Is there a better way to do it? Thanks. Sam.
floor((@{STR} - 10)/2) will round down... and as you said, is ugly. An alternative is to create an attribute named Strength or STR and put the full value in the first part and the modifier in the second part. You can then use @{Strength} to get the actual ability score and @{Strength|max} to get the max value of that attribute, which holds the modifier.
Samuel Penn
KS Backer
Okay, thanks. Currently I only have a need to handle 'bosses', so can make do with using just the bonus, but it would be nice if PCs could set up their macros directly off their attributes in a nice way. I might just stick actual values in the Bio text, since they're never referenced by the game mechanics.
Players can use that as well. @{STR|max} will pull the max value of the STR attribute on their character sheet.
I just put the modifier in the first field, then either put the score in the max field or on a pdf character sheet in a dropbox, or in the biogragphy information page.
It prolly dont help with your prob but my players and I use <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> for the chr sheet and just put the mods in the chr sheet on roll20
Samuel Penn
KS Backer
Given that character sheets seem to be coming to Roll20 Real Soon Now, I think I'll wait to see what that gives us. I'm guessing it'll simplify things a lot.
Sheet Author
API Scripter
As far as we know so far, the upcoming character sheets will be the same information displayed differently.