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Low light vision

Samuel Penn
KS Backer
Hi all, Another d20 question. Some characters have low light vision, which doubles the distance they can see in low light. Is there a way to handle this in roll20? Darkvision I'm handling by making a character a light source that only they can see, but I haven't figured how to sort out low light vision for elves and gnomes since it would need to double the effectiveness of other light sources for that character. Thanks, Sam.
There really is no easy way to do that version of low light vision in Roll20.
I've often heard of folks creating a separate light-source token controllable by All players and grouping it beneath their Token so it moves when the token moves. Giving them a regular light source that everyone can see as the "normal" light, allows you to set their token's individual light distance a little further and make it visible to only them. For any distance light sources, you just have to Roleplay it.

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I think the key thing is to remember that those without low light vision have a 20% miss chance while shooting into in grayed areas. Players can see alright in the dimmed part of the maps so the aesthetic change isn't that big (assumming that you have light sources set to have dim light half way out so touchers are 40', but dim after 20'). You could add a marker to those with low light vision to help you remember.
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Here is a post I made regarding how to do low-light vision: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>