We pushed some updates this morning to the Live server! Site Notification Updates You may have noticed a pink "bell" icon in the top right corner of the site, next to your username and the private messages envelope (if you have unread messages). This bell is reserved for site-wide notifications, such as release notes, emergency updates, and announcements. The bell turns pink when there are new notifications, and a number displays how many notifications there are. If you click the bell, you'll see the notifications. New notifications have a pink background and a bar on the left side of the notification.  Every site notification is linked to more information. Click the notification's text to read more. For example, the site notification for this release note is linked to this forum post. Other site notifications might link to blog posts, landing pages, or our twitter feed in the case of emerging situations. When you click the bell, it automatically marks all unread notifications as read, and the bell will turn grey. You can click the See More button to see all site notifications at any time. Please see the Known Issues list and report your feedback here .  Other Enhancements and Changes Added Advertisements for Visitors : We've added a banner ad at the top of Roll20's public-facing pages, such as the Compendium and Forums, which will appear to users who are not logged in to their accounts. Redesign Charactermancer Initial Choice dialog (5e OGL Sheet) - The popup when you first create a character sheet has been changed to be more in line with the D&D branded style. Bug: Spell attacks failing after Character Vault transfer (5e OGL Sheet) - When you import a spellcaster from the character vault, their spells and spell attacks will now work. Previous release notes are here .