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[LFGM][Starfinder][Tues or Wed] 4 new players looking for Experienced GM for Starfinder campaign/Adventure path


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My friend, and his 2 friends all have various experience with Pathfinder, and 5e, and I myself have a LOT of experience with Pathfinder (look at my profile for some information about me), but we are all completely new to Starfinder. We are looking for someone that knows the system, and is an experienced/confident GM. I don't know if there exist another AP for Starfinder yet, but Dead Suns looks like a good time. I guess what would be appealing about taking up 4 players like this is that they aren't going to be a random bag of players who could be completely dysfunctional, and or be unreliable to showing up each week to play. Also, we all have some form of experience with Pathfinder, so while not exactly the same system, we have experience of learning similar mechanics. If someone is interested please contact me. We're looking for a weekly game, and around 6 pm EST on either of those days to start playing. Here is a sick goblin wizard picture